11 Mar 2017

Kemi Olunloyo Blast Actress Chioma Toplis And Georgina Onuoha What She Called Them Will Shock You

From Kemi Olunloyo’s desk
#AccessNollywood#hnnshowbizUS and UK based #Nollywood actresses
have another title
UNEMPLOYED!! We already have a big problem branding #Nollywood as a location, now we have all these foreign based D list actresses living off shady funds from their rich married male pals. Everybody is sleeping with everybody. If u are a #Nollywood actor or actress you should be based in #Nigeria unless you are shooting in a foreign location. #Hollywood is a city just outside #LosAngeles in Southern California and home and work location to the American movie industry.
#Nollywood is NOT a town, city or even a village. The Ghanaians steal everything and they are part of Nollywood. Soon our foolish ministry of tourism and whores like Chioma Toplis and Georgina the hooker Onuoha will wake up to find a city called Nollywood, Ghana.
Fuck these whores all over the internet looking for my attention!!– @kemiolunloyo

Davido Finally Confirms He Is Expecting A Second Baby

Nigerian artiste, Davido who was rumoured to have been expecting a second child with an Atlanta based 24 year old girl named Amanda has finally confirmed it.
He made the revelation during a live Instagram interview with Gbemi on Beat FM yesterday, Friday, March, 10.
Davido, who already has a daughter, confirmed he’s expecting another child when Gbemi asked him if the rumour was true.

Omg! Nigerian man kills his mother in Ogun state...graphic photos/video

A horrific incident happened at Adeleye Aparadija in Itele Ota road in Ogun state yesterday where a man killed his aged mother. In a story shared on Facebook by Awoniyi Isaac O, the man said he killed his mum because she was always insulting him. 

According to him, he has always been victimized. But it looks like he has mental issues. See graphic photos from the incident.

Waje Speaks On Qualities Her Man Must Possess

Image result for images of waje
The mom of one, who got pregnant in her early stage of life and has a wonderful teenage girl now has stated the qualities she looks forward to in a man while chatting with Saturday Beats. According to her, she has not ruled out re-marring but the man must be all of these; READ…

“I have not ruled out the concept of love and re-marrying from my life, I can never do that. I look for certain criteria in a man and the first is that he has to be God-fearing. I don’t need a passive God-fearing man; he has to really invest in his faith.

“The only way I can love someone completely and unconditionally is if I experience a bigger kind of love and that is God’s love. I also like a man who is not afraid to be expressive and who is not afraid to support someone who is hard working and in the public domain. He should not put restrictions on me and must know that this is my job and would allow me shine. Also I would want a hardworking person. He does not have to have about $10m in his bank account but when you see someone who is hard working, it means that no matter how many times we fall, we would rise again. He has to be easy on the eyes as well. I don’t care much about his height but he should be a bit tall because I am a tall person.”

Update! ‘He Loves To End It From The Back, Then Spill At My Back’ Stephanie Otobo Spills All To Journalists'

Stephanie Otobo is someone you don’t want to ‘mess’ with and if she is paid to do this, you still don’t want to mess with her. She is someone that does her ‘job’ well. In a press conference she held yesterday, she spilled it ALL. How they allegedly had s3x at different locations and countries, how he spoilt her with money, and how he allegedly wants threesome with her but she refused because she doesn’t do women. You can call this explosive. Is this lady lying? Is she trying to frame the man of God up, where were his aides when all these happened, especially the alleged Lagos sex romps she mentioned? Didn’t anyone see them? His guards? All the explosives put together by Sahara Reporters below…

The Canada-based lady involved in an alleged marriage scandal with the overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleman, has said that her affair with the cleric involved a lot of sex.

Stephanie Otobo, speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Friday, said she spent time with Mr. Suleman in Naples, New York, and Lagos.

“Most of the times we spent together, we had sex,” Ms. Otobo told journalists.

“I refused to have a threesome with him because I’m not a lesbian and I don’t like women touching me.

“He told me he did that with all his past girlfriends, that I was the only one (who refused), that it’s very rude that I can do that to him.”

Ms. Otobo and Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) have been engaged in accusations and counter-accusations this week with the lady insisting the pastor reneged on a marriage promise made last year.

Mr. Suleman denies the claims, insisting he never met the lady.

On Thursday, the cleric threatened to sue Festus Keyamo, Ms. Otobo’s lawyer, demanding a retraction of his client’s allegation of forceful abortion of her pregnancy, among other allegations, and N1 billion as damages.

‘Sex, money’

During the week, Ms. Otobo, 23, had released explicit photographs of herself and Mr. Suleman in a phone conversation, a revelation her critics said was a photoshop.

She also said the cleric had confided in her that sexual relations with his wife was virtually non-existent.

On Friday, inside Mr. Keyamo’s Lagos office, journalists pressed her for more evidence – an incontrovertible one like bank statements, phone records, messages.

After Ms. Otobo had said she had more explicit photos of Mr. Suleman, including one he was holding his penis, a reporter asked her the size of Mr. Suleman’s manhood and to rate his performance in bed.

“Is it big? Is it small?” the reporter elucidated, about the size.

“Well…it’s not very small, it’s an average size,” Ms. Otobo responded.

“He’s very good (in bed), he likes to end it off on the back, on your back all the time, I don’t know why.

“And also, even while sleeping, he doesn’t wanna stop, he’s dozing off he goes ‘continue,’ I go ‘Daddy, you’re sleeping.’ He doesn’t wanna stop; he wants to keep going while sleeping.”

She also said Mr. Suleman hardly eats his meals.

“I don’t really get into people that much, that don’t wanna talk, I focus more on him and me. If I’m poke-nosing, I don’t think I will last with him that long.

“But I know he can’t eat, because I can say things that I saw when spending time with him. He has… I don’t know you know when a wicked brother when no one is pursuing them, he just can’t eat, he’s worried, he’s always worried.

“He can’t eat, he wants me to pet him to eat, then I’ll beg him ‘Daddy please eat,’ and he goes ‘I love you so much.'”

In his response to Ms. Otobo, whom he claimed was a self-confessed stripper based in Canada, Mr. Suleman denied ever having a physical contact with the lady, saying they only communicated via phone.

But the lady said they had spent time in hotels in Naples, Italy; New York, and Lagos between June 2015 when they met and last year.

“We were in New York together, two months after I left Napoli. Then he invited me to Nigeria. We were always having sex,” she said.

“In Nigeria, we stayed at Protea Hotel in Ikeja. there’s another hotel after Airport Hotel; there’s a gas station, there’s a new hotel on your right, that’s where he gave me something to drink. I thought it was juice, he brought it, he said let’s drink together, and then he didn’t want to drink, he wanted to eat.

“The night he gave me 8,000 Euros, he was trying to show me that this was real and it would never end, I think he was trying to capture me both physically, spiritually, and mentally. Giving somebody so much money, you’re trying to capture them so that without you, they cannot live, because you wanna make yourself their god, that’s what he was trying to do.

“When he came, he was like, ‘this was all I realized today, here you go,’ on the table. Then he said this is how much I love you. After the three days crusade (in Naples), he collected all the money, I was inside, and said, ‘this is all I realized.’ He gave me everything.

“He told me this was discreet, we couldn’t even call a taxi in the morning when he wanted to discharge me, he had to take a walk with me from his hotel by 4 a.m. to my hotel. I was worried because it could be dangerous, in a place where I don’t know, a new country and everything. He walked me to my hotel and stayed till 7 am and went back to his hotel. He said because we have to be discreet, we cannot call a taxi.”

Ms. Otobo said she didn’t save up enough evidence because she didn’t know “all of these would be happening.”

She also said most of her evidence were lost after her laptop was stolen on arrival at the Lagos airport last year.

“I wanted to get rid of him and deleted his number, everything. It was when I suspected something was going on, last year, it was when I started gathering evidence.

Police investigation

The police, last Monday, arraigned Ms. Otobo before a Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos on a four-count charge of terrorism, fraud, and blackmail.

She pleaded not guilty.

At Friday’s press conference, Ms. Otobo called upon the police to check her bank records to see how Mr. Suleman sent her money directly from his bank account.

“Apart from the cash that he gives me, like a lot of cash that he gives me. I’m not talking about 8,000 Euros, I’m not talking about 12,000 Dollars in two weeks,” she said.

“If I was a cheap prostitute, how much do you send a cheap prostitute in Canada all the way from Nigeria. I’m based in Canada I’m sure there are a lot of women that needs money here in Nigeria, how many women or cheap prostitutes has he sent money here in Nigeria?

“We are petitioning the police on that. And also the issue of photoshopping pictures, in between the photoshopped pictures there should be an original copy if the pictures were photoshopped, it must be photoshopped from something, he should provide that. Because I have the cell phones that I used to take the pictures, I still have every original pictures.

“Also, the police should check my passport, he took me to Napoli, he had a program there, a conference for three days. The police should check his passport, the period it was stamped to Napoli and check my passport, the period I was stamped to Napoli if it was the same stamp,

“He should wake up and face the truth.

“I want the police to check on the issue when he gave me substance to drink and that almost cost me my life, this was one of the main reasons that really caused all of this. After I got pregnant, he gave me substance to drink, I started bleeding, stooling blood for over one year. I was so scared and I lost the baby.”

Ms. Otobo demanded a public apology from Mr. Suleman.

She also told him to publicly apologize to his congregation.

“I want him to publicly accept his sins, and beg for forgiveness from God.”

Update! Tonto Dikeh reacts to new video claiming she pulled a gun at her husband

Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the new video where it is claimed she pulled a gun at her husband, Olakunle Churchill while fighting during one of their visit to his house in Ghana in 2015.

In a new Instagram post, she called her husband a fraudster, yahoo yahoo boy, alleged he killed their unborn child through domestic violence and asked the policeman to also investigate his 419 schemes. She wrote;

 "The truth will always provoke lies..
Laughing and dancing to my New song.. #Readyournews #Gunmyfeet #drunkmyfeet #Liars#theonlythingyougetrightyourlies#Thingsyahooboysdo #IliveyoutoGod #Fraudster#Jesuswonalready #Toofocusedonpostivity#saynotodomesticvoilence #tontodikehfoundation#Whoreadsthenewsofhowyoukilledourunbornsthru domestic violence #Samemanwhoreadyournewsshouldlookinyoyour419schemesaswell #Godovereverything•••"

Update! Ghana Crime Officer says - Tonto Dikeh gave misleading information against husband, she never went to embassy naked (video)

Read the report by Joy TV below...
Following the video of an interview granted by Nigeria's nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh attacking her estranged husband that went viral online, a cross section of Ghanaian journalists including popular Joy TV station stormed the Accra based police station to verify claims from the actress that she ran to the Nigeria Embassy in Ghana naked as a result of domestic violence with evidences of pictures and video at their custody.

Supt. Joseph Oppong, Crime Officer at the Madina Divisional Police, revealed in a 26 minutes video that Tonto Dikeh gave a misleading information about the incidences in Ghana she referenced to.

It was disclosed that she never went to embassy naked as she claimed, rather when the case was reported and she was arrested while damaging properties at the Ghana home, the Crime Office contacted the embassy to inform them and sent a female officer with her.

The Top Ghana Officer who headed the case, refuted claims that it was a case of domestic violence. That the actress was mishaving and the neighbours confirmed she came in with a bottle of Vodka by 3:am, possibly drunk as she destroyed properties worth over 15,000 US Dollars which she also consented to in her written statement.

In the heated interview from different stations, the Supt. Joseph Oppong shockingly revealed that Tonto Dikeh almost Gunned down one of the house helps who tried restraining her causing the damage in the whole house.

Joy TV pressed on for their viewers to know if Mr Churchill Oladuni should have a gun, and the officer buttressed that it was a licenced pump action which Tonto Dikeh broke the husband's safe to get the gun. It was said that it was the timely intervention of the Police team that saved a life as the boyfriend was not in the house as at the time of the havoc.

Watch the Full exclusive Video from Ghana No.1 Tv station of the shocking, mind blowing and revealing video as the case was said to be withdrawn by the estranged husband in 2015

US Based Guy Stormed Unizik to Beat Girlfriend's Lover..

A US-based Naija lover boy who stormed the school of Pharmacy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Agulu, Anambra state, to fight his alleged rival, was disgraced instead at the university.

According to eyewitnesses, the man stormed the school after his alleged rival picked his call during a night class session with his "girlfriend" who was reading for her exam, and threatened to beat him up whenever they meet.

The guy got angered by the threat, came to the school with fight back-ups. The lover boy called the guy who threatened him on phone, but mistakenly pounced on an innocent boy who was answering a call after he thought it was the same guy.

The young boy who was manhandled, was saved by soldiers who made the lover boy and his friend who followed him on the fight trip, to lie on a wet ground openly. 

The lover boy and his friend were later sent out of the school all messed up.

Update! Stephanie Otobo Reveals More Details About Apostle Suleman

The revelations coming from Stephanie Otobo are too hot to believe, but also too strong to ignore.

She mentioned Daniella Okeke, a Nollywood actress living large as one of the girls Apostle Suleman dated in the past and lavished money on.

The cash she claimed Apostle Suleman gave her are Thousands of Dollars & Pounds, she said it's not necessary for people to accuse of her lying, that Police should just analyse her bank accounts cash flow and analyse that of Apostle Suleman to reveal the TRUTH.

“This is not a blackmail,” Stephanie insisted. She said if she's a cheap prosti-tute as they say, what is special about her that the Pastor was sending such huge amount to her Dollar and Naira accounts. The lady mentioned hotel they stayed in Lagos, Nigeria and locations in other countries.

She is ready to surrender evidence to police. Sincerely, no one can tell where all these would end.

Tonto Dikeh’s Birthday Message To Rumoured Lover

Raphael 2Kriss is believed to be Tonto Dikeh’s rumoured lover, but as dude turns a year older today, the excited actress took to social media to applaud him, saying she celebrates him in her heart everyday and ended it by calling him son. She wrote;

In My Heart I celebrate YOU EVERYDAY for being such an amazing person!!
It goes beyond family,it's the joy we share,the friendship we grow.Today I pray for your growth,I pray that you be surrounded by the right instruments/people to fulfill your calling..May your hard work and patience be rewarded in a thousand ways and NOW!!
O My dear son i am Mightyly proud of you,God bless you and Uplift you in all areas of your life •
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR 🎂💐🎈🎉💯 @raphael2kriss

So there you have it, he is just a SON.

Barrack Obama's half-brother releases photo of Barrack's alleged Kenyan birth certificate and declares his support for Trump

Malik Obama's recent behaviour towards his half-brother, Barrack Obama, brings to mind that Yoruba proverb that translates to 'It's people who know you that betray you".

Malik has not made secret the fact that he is not in support of his brother and in a recent attack on Barack, he posted an image of a Kenyan birth certificate which he claims belongs to the former US president. See it after the cut...

During Barrack's presidency, he was plagued with accusations of being born abroad, hence not a true American. Donald Trump promoted the birther movement that made this allegation to question the legitimacy of his presidency and now, years later, Malik is bringing it up again. The older Obama brother tweeted a birth certificate photo that has the letterhead of the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa and claimed it was proof that Barrack was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

Turns out the birth certificate was a fake. In 2009, a man called Lucas Smith had put up the same forged document for sale on eBay, but it was removed because the website has a policy that bans the selling of purported government documents. Beside, Barrack already replied to the allegations about his birth by releasing a copy of his long-form birth certificate in 2011.

Malik also tweeted his support for Trump. Since before the election, he's been very vocal about his support for the new president, saying Obama had done nothing for his Kenyan family so doesn't deserve his support and this got him an invitation from Trump to attend the October 19 debate against Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas where he got to meet and take a photo with Trump's adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

Malik's opposition of his half-brother is believed to be because Barrack did not meet his expectations by providing financial support for him and the other Kenyan family members and also because he had run for governor of the southwestern Kenyan county of Siaya in 2013 and Barrack did little to help him.
"I'm very proud of my brother, but I would like for him to do a little bit more for the family on this side. I would like to say he could send some money. I give money when asked. That's what family is for. We're not well off, though people think we are," Malik had said in an old interview with The Post.

Shocking! Court jails former financial officer and his mother for stealing over N403M from student loans.

A former North West University senior financial officer and his mother has been jailed for stealing over R17 million (N403M) from student loans. Bradley Freeman and his mother Judick Freeman, who both appeared at the North West High Court in South Africa on Tuesday, were respectively sentenced to 15 and 10 years in prison for money laundering. 
The court heard that Freeman transferred the money from Edu Loan to his mother between 2012 and 2015. 
The university reported the matter to police on June 5, 2015. Following an investigation, Freeman, 30, was fired on June, 26, 2016. He was arrested with his mother and another suspect whose case was later withdrawn. 
The police found that Freeman had stolen R17.7 million, with him and his mother splitting the money into two different accounts. 

Source: Buzz SA

Update! Federal judge refuses to stop the new revised Trump travel ban

A U.S. federal court on Friday refused to put an emergency halt to US President Donald Trump's new revised travel ban, saying lawyers from the 6 states opposed to the measure needed to file more extensive court papers.
Washington state and the state of Minnesota had challenged Trump's initial executive order issued in January, which ordered restricted travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and stopped refugees from entering the U.S. Seattle U.S. District Court Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order against the first policy last month.

Trump's legal team tried to overturn the ban but were unsuccessful.

So on Monday, Trump issued a narrower version of the ban and removed Iraq from the list, leaving the other 6 countries, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are still on the list.
However, six states in the US challenged the new order asking for its implementation to be halted.

The state of Hawaii filed suit, arguing the new federal order will harm Muslims living in the Pacific Island state. Five other states have banded together in a combined challenge to the latest order from Trump. Then Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Massachusetts and New York joined in the legal action.

However, the same Seattle U.S. District Court Judge, James Robart who issued the restraining order to the first order last month, on Friday, declined to apply his first order to the new ban.

Source: Reuters

Update! Ghanaian Police crime officer describes a violent fight Tonto Dikeh had with her hubby, says she pulled out a gun (video)

Image result for images of tonto dikeh
Tonto Dikeh's marital crisis has just entered a whole new level. Following her tell-all interview a few days ago where she opened up on how her hubby, Oladuni Churchill maltreats, beats and cheats on her, a new video has just hit the internet with shocking details about her.

In the new video published online by Asempa News in Ghana, a man identified as Supt. Joseph Oppong, Crime Officer at the Madina Divisional Police is seen reading a statement allegedly written by Churchill during one of their fights in Ghana.

Reading from the statement with, Oppong said they received a call to Churchill’s Trasaaco estate in Ghana where they went in to find Tonto Dikeh in a rage, destroying items in the house because she claimed her husband was cheating on her.
Oppong said before they arrived, she had destroyed $15,000 worth of items and they had to restrain her adding that she had even waved a gun at one of Churchill’s bodyguards who tried to stop her from breaking the properties. Watch the video below.....

10 Mar 2017

Update! FG Slams 9-Count Charge Against Ex-NNPC Boss, Yakubu

The Federal Government, on Friday, preferred nine-count money laundering charge against former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Mr. Andrew Yakubu, who was accused of stashing over N3billion at his house in Kaduna.

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, recovered the alleged loot which was in foreign currencies, from Yakubu’s guest house situated at Sabon Tasha, Kaduna State, following a tip-off by a whistle-blower.

EFCC said it had while raiding the house, discovered the sum of $9.7million and £74,000 that Yakubu hid in a fireproof safe inside the house. A Federal High Court in Kano, on February 13, granted an order that forfeited the recovered money to FG, a decision Yakubu had since challenged, maintaining that the money was accumulated gifts he received during different ceremonies.

Meantime, in the charge marked FHC/Abj/ CR/ 43/ 2017, which was filed before the Federal High Court in Abuja, FG, alleged that Yakubu failed to declare the money in the assets form he filed at the EFCC on August 18, 2015, and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 27(3) (a) of the EFCC (Establishment) Act 2004 and punishable under section 27(3) (c) of the same Act.

Photo of Ghanaian Who Stabbed A Nigerian Prostitute To Death

A Nigerian sex worker, identified simply as Tina, has been stabbed to death by a client who accused her of stealing his money.

Tina, who resides in Ghana, was murdered by a 34-year-old man, Isaac Sackey, for allegedly stealing GH¢120 after he had sex with her.

According to reports from the West African country, Sackey handed himself over to the police after stabbing Tina in the stomach and thigh.

Sackey was said to have approached Tina for sex at a drinking spot in Accra, where he had gone to have drinks with his male friends. The two were said to have agreed on a fee for the service before heading to Sackey’s house where they spent the night.

Narrating the circumstances leading to Tina’s death, Sackey told the Accra Regional Police

Command that he had gone to the bathroom to freshen up at about 2am, leaving the woman in the bedroom. He claimed that when he returned he saw the Nigerian going through his belongings and realised that GH¢120 cash had been stolen.

The Command’s Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mrs Effia Tenge, said that Sackey told the police that he immediately accused the woman of stealing the money but she denied it.

She said, “The suspect lives in a single room in some compound house at Spintex.

“In the course of the confrontation, the lady took a kitchen knife from the man’s room and threatened to stab him. But the man overpowered the lady and incidentally stabbed her after he managed to take back the knife from the lady.”

Tenge said Sackey locked his room and then went to the Psychiatric Hospital to report the issue where he was directed by the hospital authorities to report himself to the police.

She said police officers went to Sackey’s apartment where the body of the victim was found lying in a pool of blood. A careful assessment of the body by the police, she said, revealed that the victim had a knife wound in the stomach and on the thigh, indicating that she had been stabbed twice.

The body has since been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue for preservation.

The deceased is yet to be identified by the family since the suspect claimed it was the first time they had met at the drinking spot.

Some neighbours of the suspect claimed he had a mental disorder, but the police are yet to verify that information.

Update! Other Victims Of Apostle Suleman’s Sexcapades Have Stepped Forward?

This is according to Sahara Reporters.

Nigerian fraudsters in Malaysia dupes 52-year-old Filipino widow of millions, five arrested

A Malaysia-based Nigerian man identified as Ogba Peter Amawhe, posed as an American in an oil-related business in Malaysia and duped a 52-year-old widow of P30 millions.
The victim, Loida (not her real name) met “Stephen Desmond Nelson” in an online dating site in March 2016. He told Loida that he was an American based in Chicago.

The two continued their online liaison until the relationship became romantic. Nelson soon convinced Loida, based on Guimaras Island, to partner in an expansion venture in the Philippines.
The venture would require capitalization amounting to P500 million which he promised to deposit in Loida’s bank accounts.
Loida gave him details of her six bank accounts including that of her automated teller machine cards which had total deposits reaching about P10 million, mostly joint earnings with her deceased British husband.
When Loida followed up the transfer of funds, Nelson told her to send P260,000 to Malaysia to cover processing and other expenses.
After two months and upon Loida’s prodding, Nelson told her he was having difficulties transferring the funds and had hired an agency to facilitate the transaction. But he again asked Loida to send a total of P7 million to defray the expenses.
This was again repeated several times and in January, until Loida discovered that her six bank accounts were almost empty.
Since they met in March last year, Loida sent about P20 million through money transfer companies. These didn’t include the P10 million that was withdrawn from her account.
She sold or pawned two vehicles, a resort, boarding houses in Mindanao and Manila and other properties so she could send money to Malaysia.
Realizing that she was duped, she sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Western Visayas.
The NBI agents subsequently set three entrapment operations at a shopping mall here last week for five persons allegedly sent by Nelson to receive another P8 million from Loida.
The NBI first arrested Filipino Rosalyn Ibarra on Feb. 21 and then Malaysian nationals Sitti Faridah Binti Abdul Hamid and Ishamah Binti Sheck Dawood, and Nigerian national Francis Onyebuchi Amadi in the second operation on Feb. 23. Amadi is the common-law husband of Ibarra. Also on Feb. 23, NBI agents arrested Nigerian national Chukwudi Ugwu.
They have been detained at the NBI regional office as complaint of syndicated estafa in relation to the Cybercrime Prevention Act has been filed against them at the Iloilo City Prosecutor’s Office.
Those arrested could be part of an international syndicate engaged in fraud in which they met potential victims online and enticed them to invest in fictitious businesses, said NBI agent John Katipunan.
The NBI also believes that Nelson, who looked Caucasian in his online photo, is actually Malaysia-based Nigerian national Ogba Peter Amawhe.
Nelson (Amawhe) sent the five persons to personally collect the P8 million from Loida after money transfer companies refused to allow her to send more money because of the significant amount she had already sent.
"Their activities were compartmentalized. They were unaware that there were other persons sent to meet with Loida. That’s why they did not know that we already arrested them,"  he said.
Amadi and Ugwu denied the allegations.
"I came here to be with my wife. I did not know why she came here," Amadi told the INQUIRER at the NBI detention cell.
Ugwu said he was doing a favor to a fellow Nigerian who told him to get the money from Loida.
"I did not know that there was anything illegal with what I would be doing. Please help us," he said. 
Photos of the arrested suspects below...

Lady who rents guns to armed robbers caught by police

The Cross River Police Command has arrested a female armourer, Ms. Hope Usang, who leases arms to robbers in Calabar. Hope and 21 other suspects were arrested at different locations in the state.

When policemen stormed the 25yrs old lady's house, they recovered three revolvers, four rounds of ammunition, one pistol, one locally-made pistol, among others.

Chinese Nationals Arraigned Over N5bn Fake Tyres Imported Into Nigeria

The two Chinese nationals, Taolung Shem, 36, and Xu Jing Yao, 22, and a Nigerian, Chinedu Madubuike, arrested last month by Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON, monitoring and enforcement team for allegedly importing sub-standard tyres were, yesterday, arraigned before the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The plea for the defendants, who appeared before Justice Mojisola Olatoregun, could not be taken due to the absence of an interpreter.

In a five-count charge filed against the defendants by the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, the accused were alleged to have conspired among themselves and imported tyres which did not meet the relevant Nigerian industrial standards, knowing same to be in dangerous state or injurious to life of human beings.

Another charge against the defendants reads: “That you, Taolung Shen, Xu Jim Yao, Sino Nigeria Limited, Nedeca International Limited and Chinedu Madubuike, sometime in the month of February, in Lagos, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, did conspire among yourselves and imported tyres, which did not comply with mandatory standards on account of your act of stuffing various sizes of tyres into one.

“This makes the tyres to be unfit for purpose and not complying with the mandatory standard and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Sections 26(2)(b)(iii) of the Standards Organisation Act No. 14, 2015 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.”

However, when the matter was called for hearing, the prosecutor from the AGF’s office, Babatunde Alajogun, informed the court that the matter is for arraignment of the defendants. One of the defence lawyers, Mr. Victor Okpara, told the court that one of the defendants does not speak English, that he had contacted the Chinese consulate in Lagos for an interpreter, who will relay the charge to the accused persons.

Responding, the prosecutor said he was not aware that the defendants cannot speak English, he therefore asked the court to remand the defendants in prison’s custody, pending when their plea will be taken. The trial judge, Justice Olatoregun, turned down the request and ordered that the accused should remain in police custody till March 28, when their plea will be taken.
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