17 Mar 2017


THE MAN INFINITY, HIS RECENT PARTNER IN CRIME, PRINCESS ADE OLORIKELA A.K.A PRINCESS TOLUWALASE, ABIKE, AND KUDIRAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the recent live videos of you and that girl, Abike, in Peckham, and I completely lost the peck of pity I summoned courage to reserve for you. I was concerned, and felt the unspoken and hidden pains of your beautiful wife, Funmi Agape, and that of your kids, but it appears you care less about your team. Honestly, I can categorical attribute these three characters to your personality, and I am sure the whole world will agree with me without a doubt that : 1. You are a very MEAN man who takes PRIDE IN DOING EVIL. 2. You are an UNREPENTANT DESTROYER of lives who LACKS CONSCIENCE AND SHAME in totality. 3. You lack dignity by all standards of life. I mean, I would think by now, you’ll be at a corner of your room, sober, and making every effort to amend your ways before God and “MAN”, but instead, the in-born evil in you won’t let you be great. I listened to the latest audio release dumbfounded. The gravity of the content of the audios, especially that of you and Olorikela, and the implications worries me. I don’t even know any of y’all but what the audios released so far decode of your personality, and the risk and threat you constitute in the society at large, scares me even more. Let me ask you the following questions: 1. Do you understand that the two siblings you mentioned to have shared the same man may never know peace for the rest of their lives? Especially with the FALSE ACCUSATION that the younger one had a child for his brother-in-law. Everyone will agree with me that’s it’s an untrue gossip because the bitterness revealed in the voice of your partner in crime, Princess Ade Olorikela, only depicts that of a frustrated woman who is out to tarnish and destroy other people’s homes, given she lacks one. 2. What exactly has Banke done to you so much that you developed so much hatred towards her family? Why are you so determined to destroy this beautiful lady and her husband at all cost? Even to the extent of losing sleep over their case, and destroying your own life? That is exactly what it seems like at this stage. Mr. Inifinity, you have ruined your own life by yourself! In mama’s voice; “Ija ilara ni eleyi, ija ilara kii tan boro”………Oni ilara ni e Infinity! #Sigh. Why do you keep recruiting people to falsely accuse this beautiful lady’s home? Frankly speaking, she got an enviable family, and I so much adore her, I must confess! Have you heard of the phrase “IF GOD BE FOR ME”………...? I’ll let Banke’s God remain your Judge because he is capable, and doing a great job already! 3. As regards all your Facebook posts about being Godly, did you think you could deceive GOD? What else do you need to experience in your lifetime to realize that God himself is the one punishing you at the moment with all these mishaps and expose’? I strongly believe you have been living this evil life for long, and your cup only just got filled up, and splitting over! By the way, did you mention in Wine, a.k.a Iyalaya Gbogbowon’s recent audio release that you are a member of ………….I’ll quote you; “AWO NI MI…..”? Then why all the Jesus posts on your Facebook timeline? You sure cannot serve two masters man! 4. Mr. Infinity, can you explain to the world why you recorded all the people you had conversations with? I am not even interested in why you gave a third party. Please just tell the world why you recorded these people? Aye ma le ooooo! And please save us the bullshit story of being a journalist because ethically, Journalism requires that you obtain informed consent from participants. I have helplessly tried to make an excuse for you but can only give up! Honestly, I have seen and heard of the evil that men do, but I have never in my entire life witnessed this combination of evil acts in a single human being such as yours, especially in one that claims to be godly in public. A MAN FOR THAT MATTER…..LOLZ! PLEASE HELP US UNDERSTAND?????? To Princess Ade Olorikela, you are a bunch of disgrace to womanhood! A very bitter and jealous woman who stops at nothing to destroy her fellow women’s home. I am glad you deleted the senseless hacking crap you put up as damage control, even after Angelic Brown’s stupidity. Perhaps you wanted to play the bigger fool. The saddest part is that we see you on all Facebook live prayer sessions, rebuking the devil here and there…….maybe you should start by rebuking yourself because you are the devil here. According to my people, may the “HEADS” and hearts of all the people whom you have tortured by saying evil and untrue things about, judge you! MAY God reward all of your utterances and acts! Please let me quickly add that we did not buy the damage control bullshit audio/video recording that you and Wine released to insult Infinity. You tried to portray having goodwills for your ex-friend, Aishat Asabari but please, it’s too late trying to pretend to her……..she knows the real you already! You also tried to give us the impression that all is well between you and your imaginary husband. Hell No! Ko le werk! #In Rihana’s voice. Also, setting up / blackmailing Infinity with your scripted phone call makes no sense to the world. Princess Iya Alawo, hopefully Dammy Paul will now burry his face in shame for taking sides with evil people! To you Abike, I kind of pity you. I pity you because you have lost it. I keep telling you that you are displaying stupidity with pride. You are seriously living in denial, and the worst part is that you are living up to people’s expectations, really sad! LIVING UP TO PEOPLE’S EXPECTATIONS WILL ONLY DESTROY YOU. BOTHERING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY IF YOU SHEATH YOUR SWORD WILL ONLY DESTROY YOU. You have repeated the same points over, and over again, and it’s now very very boring! Oh, and so you insulted Toplotech? I can tell you are determined to destroy yourself. You are one of a bully, so stop the bullcrap. Shut da hell up with your fake accent, and bad English! Let me ask youwhy haven’t your numerous new accounts fetched you thousands of likes, despite your plea? It simply shows that people, including me, are out there to only watch your show of shame, and display of stupidity. You are begging for 5k shares? Thank God it’s over 1k now, and the likes of fake profilers in the name of Akinbayo Dele, and Iyalaya Gbogbowon a.k.a Wine Oriadeoja, were able to share about 200 each on their timelines! People, please go verify with your own eyes. Luckily, it will only cost you few more fake profilers to make up your 5K. Keep living in denial okay. You and I know that no responsible human being will promote a tout on their wall. Hell no! We don’t wanna be associated with a deceptive and frustrated tout. #Shame! To Yeye Kudi, I had thought you went off topic in your last real talk show but apparently, you did us a favor. Yes, we now understand “YOU” better because, you are obviously living your “illiteracy talk show”. Yes, everything you have displayed before, and after the “illiteracy is a disease” topic only shows that you are an ‘ILLITERATE”, at least, according to you. For example, not liking or commenting on your posts or pictures means nothing but that it didn’t impress me, only an illiterate person would think otherwise. Please go get yourself treated! Next time please desist from using your irresponsible past life as illustration, it’s not worthy of emulation by any standard. I actually query your upbringing. You ain’t a role model, woman! #Thank you. Lastly, before y’all crucify TOSABOD GLOBAL NEWS, go crucify Abiyamo, Linda Ikeji, Sahara Reporters, Nairaland, e.t.c. firtst! Bullcraps

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  1. Hmmmm Awon omo ewe on the throne. Baddest writers.... Another superb write up from the stable of omo ewes. Haters on the looser's team y'all better sign up for writing classes. Oloyan meta with PHD and oloyan trial triangle with Masters and jaganuisance the Lasu drop out, compare your write ups to this piece.


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