16 Mar 2017


Nice Rendition from omo Ewe:
Can everyone pls ignore this brainless, big head, called 'Basira Tolulope Olugaba', that has been ranting bullocks on Facebook and mentioning my name since last year. Only semi-illeterates and dumb heads like her will be moved by her bullshit.

When psychopaths jive, you can easily identify them. Facebook is a place where people who are actually nothing think they are somebody. Some have visual hallucinations and can be seeing celebrities on their shit chats and even go to the extent of apologising for not recognising their presence......h 
Facebook is a place where people who are actually nothing think they are somebody. Some have visual hallucinations and can be seeing celebrities on their shit chats and even go to the extent of apologising for not recognising their presence......h 😁😁😁😁ba, cyberwere lobade. These are serious symptoms of 3rd degree confirmed cyber madness. Another symptom exhibited was when this main psychopath claimed she went to the Home Office in London Bridge which operates mainly for immigrants with pending cases for signing on.

She was also claiming to have gone to Lunar house, where people are not allowed in except for appointments. This is serious delusion.

Symptom 4 is when this opebe now thinks home office are preparing to storm a party full of legal residents and those with pending response of their applications, when they should actually be looking for people like her, who went for free operation on NHS and lied that she does not have a place to be discharged to, was given a temporary accommodation with the help of social services, at the expense of we tax payers, after she had a failed attempt to claim asylum in Ireland. She has also come on live chat to confess that she was not suffering in Nigeria and have enough wealth waiting for her there to live a good life with her children. She is ignoring the reality that she has only two and a half years temporary leave to remain in UK.

 She has cropped people's pictures with the help of her cohorts like Ademile Bakare Adeoye and Vinnie Omoiya Esu and have even come out to request on her live chat that more pictures should be cropped to slander people's images and even mentioning names of her next victims who have all gone to report to the police. She keeps terrorising the peace of people useful to the British society. She has cropped my picture and those of my children. We are all British citizens and professional nurses, while this psychopath is not useful for the society.

She has minor children who are neglected when she spends hours on live chats, disturbing the peace of her neighbours with noise, when carried away with her rantings. A neighbour has come to knock on her door to complain about her persistent noise making in one of her videos. She has made threats of stabbing and killing the invitees of a party I'm organising for my friend. She has threatened in her videos to deploy paid hoodlums to the party venue to spray poisonous gas on the celebrants face and in her eyes and have threatened to harass, bully and slander the characters of all those who attend.
Abike is a social miscreant and a public nuisance on all social media, including WhatsApp and Instagram.
I just wish to inform the general public and all my friends, my ex classmates from Methodist Girl's High School and King's College University London and all my work colleagues that have been very concerned about the ongoing saga, that UK is a very civilised and democratic country, that provides reasonable security for all residents and citizens. The matter is currently being looked into by the British police and would be dealt with appropriately.

Please ignore, I repeat, please ignore all her threats, slandering, bullying and harassments.
I remain unperturbed as I have always said and please note that EASABOD BIRTHDAY PARTY will undoubtedly hold, come rain or shine and all plans are in place to secure lives and properties of invitees. A nonentity can't threaten people of noble and literate background.
Thanks to those of you with sincere concerns and God bless.


  1. You people are really mad and shameless to all human being

  2. People please share aunty Helen Ogundimu's facebook post. I think she made it friends only, it's not everyone that can read her write up. I've not read a well constructed English like this on fb in a while. Jagaware jaganuisance, China baby and co y'all better go and learn how to write from aunty Helen.....

  3. Ojo ibi Alashabi ato toh.. Iyo dun..Sugar jaa

  4. We love Abike Jagaban. Omo aiye ti o gi Hennessy se mouthwash

  5. So You can be scared of Abike like this. I can't believe it. When you are mentioning and slandering her names everyday since last year people were laughing now is her turn so don't be jealous. We love Abike, iya elo senpe

  6. You have mental problem and perhaps you are demented, Haba are you not tired of lying up and down Esabod, same way you lie everyday, Abike is far above you, honestly speaking, can't you see, she don;t even have your delusional time, you are just ranting everywhere, when a mad person shout and nobody is answering her, until then she will know that she's truly mad and I think that is your case. You want them to be responding and reason you don;t want to stop this madness of yours because some illiterates that are watching you like and enjoy gossips and when you are displaying your show of shame, in order to be able to advertise your fake herbs and lies you do tell them.

  7. Listen good and ask if you have friends in Holland, police they went to party and show, controlled Nigerians are they deport them home. if you like risk some Nigerians life and they will be deported.


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