25 Sep 2016

Photo of undergraduate who allegedly attempted to rape female student over N400 recharge card gift

Actress Dorothy Njemanze shared this story last week on her Facebook wall. Read below
I was busy with school runs in Gwagwalada when I got a frantic call reporting the attempted rape of a first year University of Abuja(UniAbuja) student by another first year student of Biological Sciences called Monday. By the time I got there, the Chief Security Officer was just beginning to interview both parties, starting from the boy, Monday.
 He told of how he made his 'intentions' known to her and she said she would 'think about it' but he according to him, he didn't understand why shy couldn't give a straight answer, so he began making moves at 'romancing' her and feigns ignorance of her claims that from the moment he started, she told him to stop. He claims he only noticed her seriousness 'when he crossed the boundary'. He is upset that he had sent her 400 naira recharge card before and doesn't get why she will reject him.

The young lady insists she came by at all because he said he was not well. By the time she got in, he was playing loud music, so from the moment he began trying to have sex, she was shouting but the loud music drowned her voice. She insists he pinned her to the mattress and she tried strangling him with his necklace till it cut. After that, she reached for the laptop as a weapon and ripping it out turned off all the music then he released her because she could now be heard. She ran out and called for help. She got help and retrieved her phone and slippers and purse. Then she began reporting to their mutual friends and people she trusts. She insisted she injured him to. On demand, he took off his shirt and everyone saw injuries she gave him and more.

I got upset that the attitude towards gathering evidence is zero. There seemed to be a majority notion that as long as there was eventually no penetration, it is not so grievous a crime. All I insisted was to document all that could be seen as evidence before any statements are taken etc.
I applaud the lady for speaking up. We need ensure the students and security men understand sexual harassment in its entirety and be sure whatever responses are in place take into cognizance victim needs.

I was very agitated when it seemed people were upset that 'she was trying to make a lot out of something very small. 
More people need to understand what sexual violence is and legal provisions for victims and offenders. 
More details tomorrow. These pictures were finally taken at the crime scene. More shocking experiences tomorrow morning.

Many are trying to use victim blaming and shaming to force her to drop the case. Please, let us change the narrative and share this widely to punish the perpetrator, not the victim. ...Ambassador Dorothy Njemanze

This poor woman got the beating of her life while visiting son who resides with ex husband...photo

The lady above is accusing her ex-husband of beating her up in front of their son. She made the allegation  on Facebook this afternoon. She wrote:
 I got the beatings of my life today in front of my son, just because I visited my son.  I can't keep quiet anymore because my life I at stake, I'm posting this here because I don't know what will happen to me next. 
 My ex husband told me he will kill and bury me and nothing will happen to him. I can't tell my mum about this trait because of her health.  
Hope she gets help from the appropriate authorities to address the issue. Read post below...

A popular Prince and two others killed in cult battle n Lagos..photo

Residents of Surulere Estate, Alagbado, in Lagos now live in fear after cult members invaded the area, hacking a prince and 2 others to death.

In what could be described as a supremacy battle in the area between Aiye and Eiye confraternity, eye witness account said the group that invaded the area last Tuesday night sang in celebration after hacking to death a young man, identified as the son of a traditional ruler in the area town.

Two persons were said to have been killed in the same area earlier.

The clash, which was said to have begun last Sunday, lasted through Wednesday, leaving 3 persons dead and several others injured.

A resident, who pleaded anonymity for fear of being attacked, narrated:
“At about 10:30pm, there were gunshots and we (landlords) came out. We heard the young man received a call and dashed out at that night to buy airtime. We heard that his guardian pleaded it was late but he insisted going out to get airtime saying the call was important. But unknown to him, the cultists ambushed him and shot at him twice.

We heard the gun shots did not penetrate and he ran. But his assailants gave him a hot chase and hacked him severally on the head. We were told that his killers also broke the window of the house where they caught up with their opponent, warning the occupant: 'We have not come for you, don’t ever attempt to call the police'.
"We also heard that they celebrated the killing of the young man, singing: Uso uso, uso! ….‘Muso, muso, muso. ….hey!! muso, muso, muso! ….hey!!! He was wearing a charm round his waist which perhaps prevented the gunshot from penetrating.”

Lagos Police PRO, SP Dolapo Badmus, in a text message, said: “On 21/9/16, at about 7:30pm, information received from AIT Road, Alagbado indicated that two cult members engaged in a physical fight that led to their deaths. A team of police men from Alagbado has taken the corpses to hospital for autopsy while the command is investigation the occurrence.”

Boko Haram leader, releases new video, showing he is in good health...photo

The embattled leader of jihadist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau has resurfaced. He resurfaced in a video posted online today rejecting assertions by the Nigerian army that he had been seriously wounded.

"You have been spreading in the social media that you injured or killed me. Oh tyrants, I'm in a happy state, in good health and in safety," he said in the 40-minute video released on YouTube dated September 25.

It will be recalled that the Nigerian army had on the 23rd of August said that Shekau had been seriously wounded in the shoulder in an air raid in which several commanders were killed. The army's claim was however bolstered when Boko Haram released a video on September 13 without Shekau in it. But now he claims to be back.

Lobatan! This man claims he can only tell about your future when he touches your breasts...photo

Humans have invented some pretty wacky ways of predicting the future over the centuries, but this man might just have found the strangest.

In a new video, apparently posted from China, shows an elderly man trying to tell a woman's fortune by cupping her breast as she looks on, baffled.

The short clip was posted to video-sharing site Miaopai and shows the man, holding a pair of crutches in his other hand, sitting impassively as he puts his hand inside the woman's top.

He appears unmoved by what he sees in the woman's future, as she rests her chin on her hand and even looks bored.

The post has however prompted sceptical responses from commenters. One suggested it might be "hard to find customers" and another said: "It's just really kinky!" Lol.

Photo of 57th birthday party of Veteran Nollywood actress 'Lola Idije'

Nollywood actress, Toyin Afolayan aka Lola Idije, turned 57-year-old yesterday and she celebrated it with family, friends and colleagues. Happy Birthday to her. 

More photos below...

Update! UK Anti-Corruption police arrives in Nigeria to interrogate top Oil dealers over Diezani Loot..

Image result for images of diezani
A seven person team of anti-corruption police officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) is currently in Nigeria to interview associates and accomplices of former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke. 

The British detectives, comprising of four women and three men, were in Nigeria as part of efforts to build a solid case in order to commence the former minister’s trial.

According to SR, one of the major players being interrogated by the UK detectives is Donald Chidi Amamgbo, a California-based lawyer. A source disclosed that Mr. Amamgbo played a key role in moving funds wired by several Nigerian oil dealers with whom Mrs. Alison-Madueke had fraudulent deals running into billions of dollars.

The source said that the detectives had already interrogated a controversial oil sector businessman, Jide Omokore, adding that the businessman had provided critically useful information on some of the deals. Mr. Omokore is currently on bail after the EFCC arrested and charged him for fraud. 

Mr. Amamgbo was briefly detained by the EFCC, but granted “administrative bail.”

The UK investigative team is also expected to interrogate oil dealers who were close to Diezani, and who played one role or another in a web of international financial crimes during the former minister’s helm. The source stated that some of the players being sought by British investigators for interviews are outside of Nigeria. One such participant, Benny Peters, is currently holed up in Paris, France. Another one, Igho Sanomi, is believed to be in Miami, Florida at the moment.

The source revealed that UK investigators were looking into close to 20 cases against Mrs. Alison-Madueke. However, the case that has the most traction has to do with how the former minister allegedly used straw companies set up by Mr. Amamgbo to launder billions of dollars. Some of the laundered funds were used to purchase 17 properties in the UK and elsewhere.

According to SR source, the oil dealers under investigation reportedly offered large payoffs to Mrs. Alison-Madueke for oil swap deals. The payoffs were often wired directly to Mr. Amamgbo, who then acted as a front for the former minister. An unnamed UK lawyer of Indian descent is also being investigated for his alleged involvement in the case.

Diezani is currently in the UK undergoing treatment for cancer. The NCA had earlier confiscated some funds from the former minister, her mother, and the wife of a Ghanaian businessman, Kevin Okyere, who is also named in a series of shady deals involving Mrs. Alison-Madueke.

This girl was struck by lightning and buried alive by family to cure crippling pain..photo

This teenager agreed to be buried alive to cure crippling back pains after she was struck by lightning.

Ana Ballesteros, 18, was covered up to her neck for three days a week in her garden.

The bizarre home cure saw her placed in a giant hole which was filled with earth.

Relatives believed this would “take the energy” the lightning left in her.

The teenager was struck by a bolt as she walked to college recently.

She was treated in hospital but continued to suffer back pain she claimed prevented her from walking properly.

She began quirky ‘therapy’ sessions - which involved her being buried for up to four hours a day over three days.

Ana said: “Doctors study medicine but not lightning.

“I know that getting into that hole I’m going to get better because these are ancient things.”

Her gran Blanca de la Rosa said: “What we’re doing is taking the fire out of the light, the heat out of the energy.”

Ana’s mum Milena added: “Locals told me before I took her to hospital that we’d be better off burying her instead to take the energy from the lightning away.

Walter Gomez, who works out of a clinic in the regional capital Monteria, admitted there were a lot of ancient beliefs among the community about how to cure storm victims including burial.

But he added: “There’s no scientific proof that burying a patient who has been struck by lightning has any beneficial effects for their recovery.”

More Controversy! EFCC links Patience Jonathan with 9 Houses, 2 Hotels and 1 Plaza

Image result for recent images of patience jonathan
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) investigators probing ex-First Lady Patience Jonathan’s link with five choice buildings, including a N5billion hotel in Abuja,

Nigerian man from Brazil caught with cocaine in his jacket at Lagos airport...photo

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have discovered wraps of narcotics in the collar of a passenger’s jacket at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos. The arrest was made shortly after the suspect disembarked from the aircraft on his way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 31-year old suspect, Agwu Samuel, confidently wore the jacket containing the drugs but through experience and insight, the drugs were discovered by officers. This is the first discovery of cocaine inside the collar of a jacket by the NDLEA.

In his reaction, the Chairman/Chief Executive of the Agency, Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah, described the suspect’s action as desperately crafty and cunning. According to Abdallah, “the cocaine was detected by officers notwithstanding the crafty and cunning mode of concealment. The agency has taken some strategic measures aimed at disappointing the tricks employed by drug trafficking syndicates. We remain committed to exposing criminal plots through superior counter-narcotic intelligence. This operational success is commendable and a demonstration of our alertness to detect drugs.” He said that the agency will continue to invest in capacity building programmes for officers.

The NDLEA commander at the Lagos airport, Ahmadu Garba, said that the suspect was arrested during routine check on passengers. “Ten wraps of cocaine weighing 110 grammes were found inside the collar of his jacket during screening of passengers on a South Africa Airline flight from Brazil through Johannesburg. The drug which was carefully hidden inside his jacket tested positive for cocaine and investigation is ongoing.”

Agwu Samuel, the suspect who sells shoes in Togo, said in his statement that he went to Brazil in search of greener pastures but resorted to drug trafficking due to frustration. According to the suspect, “I use to sell shoes in Togo until I lost goods worth N3 million. This negatively affected my business and made me to travel to Brazil in a desperate search for greener pastures. After a fruitless search for job in Brazil for four months, I decided to smuggle drugs to get some money to start my shoe business. I thought the drugs will not be detected inside my jacket but I was caught and I am very sad.” He attended Technical Secondary School in Ohafia, Abia State.

He will soon be charged to court.

The Nation

Tragic! Man hangs himself in Edo state...photo

A middle-aged man who’s identity is yet to be verified has reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in Benin, Edo state.

The incident which occurred in the early hours of Friday, in Ogida area of the city, caused confusion among residents of the area.

His lifeless body was found hanging from the ceiling of a sawmill in the market.
Witnesses said the man was earlier seen in the area looking moody, unknown to them that he had a plan to take his life.

They said cooked beans and loaves of bread, including some cloths were found beside his corpse. ‎

No one could however fathom what could have forced the deceased to take his life, as he did not leave a suicide note behind.

Edo State Police Command Spokesman, Theodore Okafor, who confirmed the incident, said that the corpse had been deposited in a mortuary for a possible post-mortem.‎

Shocking Act! Photo of father who raped his 15 yr old daughter...

The Lagos State police command have arrested  Uchenna Elumadu, for allegedly raping his 15 year-old JSS 3 daughter and giving her drugs to prevent her from getting pregnant. The man, who resides at Martins Street, new Oko Oba, Agege Lagos was reported to the police by a neighbour. 

While speaking on his arrest, the Spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, Dolapo Badmos, said
“The victim said that her father, on countless occasions wakes her up in the middle of the night to rape her, mostly when her mother is on night duty. The mother is a casual worker in one of the outfits attached to airport.
On the night of Sept. 19, the mother discovered the suspect having intercourse with the victim and raised the alarm and one of their neighbours reported the case to the police,”
She said the victim has been admitted at the Police Cottage Hospital, Ikeja Police College, where she is receiving treatment in partnership with Mirabel Centre LASUTH.

Photo of Notorious fraudster and 419 master caught in Delta State

A notorious fraudster & the second in command of a 419 syndicate that has been terrorizing communities along the Ughelli-Patani highway was apprehended yesterday, September 24th, and brutally beaten by Izon youths after he swindled a woman out of N1.3m according to David Oyadongha, who shared the photos on Facebook, he has been handed over to the police in Ughelli.

Lobatan! See nude photo pastor sent accidentally of himself and church member exposed...

Image result for images of black church congregation

A Christ Embassy Limpopo pastor committed suicide after sending photos of his private part to his church Whatsapp group chat on September13, 2016. 

Pastor Letsego of Christ Embassy church, who was married thought he was sending the photo to his church lover, who happens to be a member of the same church. He also captioned the sent photo, Wife is away,  it's all yours tonight'.

Then he realised his mistake after hitting the send button with all the church members of the whatsapp group expressing shock and outrage over the mishap.

The pastor is alleged to have immediately exited the group chat and ignored answering his calls and messages. He was found 24 hours later to have committed suicide by hanging himself at his rented church house. This is a shameless act in the house of God and he wasted his life due to greed.

24 Sep 2016

In this recession, Governors lavish billions on bulletproof cars for themselves and wives...

There are indications that some governors, their wives and deputy governors have continued to ride in expensive bulletproof vehicles in spite of the biting economic recession in the country.

Investigations revealed that the number of bulletproof cars in the convoy of only 14 governors, their deputies and wives is close to 100 while Nigerians are struggling to even have something to eat.

Photo of 59 yr old HIV-positive man arrested for defiling a 6 yr old girl in Delta state...

59 year old HIV positive man, Monday Ekpade (pictured), has been arrested by the Delta state police command for sexually assaulting a 6 year old girl in Agbor on Sept 4th. According to Monday, he had sex with the minor because he believed that sleeping with her would cure him of HIV.

Speaking on his arrest, the spokesperson of the state police command, Celestina Kalu, said

"On the 4th of this month, we got a report from our division in Agbor, that one Monday defiled a small girl of six years. You can imagine this man with HIV penetrating a small girl of six years, what would be the fate of the little girl? And we don't know how many little girls he has done this to".

The little girl's grandfather who she was staying with when the incident happened, said Blessing was out on an errand when she met with Monday

"Her mother sent her on an errand to go and buy something. When she was going, Monday caught her on the road and had sex with her"he said

When interrogated, Monday confessed to the crime but however blamed the devil 

"It is the devils work. The little girl caused it. She came to our house and then I tried having sex with her but my manhood was too big. I have only defiled her two times but the little girls its three times"he said

He would soon be charged to court.

Yahoo boy steals Soldier’s identity and dupes rich US woman...

EFCC has arrested an alleged 26yrs old Internet fraudster, Egbedayo Semilore for allegedly stealing the identities of two United States Army officers and duping an American woman of N4m.

The EFCC said in a statement by its spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, that Semilore, while posing as an Afghan based US Army officer with the names Sergeant Shaft Pagan and Perrie Edingson allegedly defrauded some unsuspecting women.

His last victim, according to the agency, is one P. J. (full names withheld), a US national from whom he claimed to have obtained about N4m in tranches and bought himself a car.

The statement added, “Semilore, during interrogation also confessed to have used proceeds of romance scam to sustain a flamboyant lifestyle and bought himself a 2010 Lexus car which he registered in his mother’s name.

“Also, three identity cards bearing different names and biodata, a 2010 Black Toyota Lexus car with registration number (Lagos) SMK 475 EH, two laptops and one Blackberry Passport phone were recovered from Semilore. Several scam mails were also found and retrieved from his laptops.”

He would be arraigned in court.

Shocking! Terrorists write UI Authorities, Say 'We Will Bomb University Before October 1st'

There was tension in the University of Ibadan on Friday as a threatening message that purportedly emanated from a group, al-wilayat al-Islamiyya Gharb Afriqiyyah, was circulated among some staff of the institution and on social media platforms.

According to the message, the group threatened to bomb the school before Independence Day on October 1, 2016, saying that students and staff were their targets.

When contacted, The Director of Communication, UI, Olatunji Oladejo, dismissed the threat, saying it was the handiwork of mischievous individuals who wanted to cause commotion in the school.

It was gathered that while some lecturers got the mail through their institutional e-mail addresses, others were copied through social platforms such as Whatsapp.

In the mail, the group described the university as an embarrassment to Nigeria for bringing western education.

It was observed that security arrangement was strengthened at the school gates with scanning devices deployed while stop and search was conducted on everyone entering the school, leading to a gridlock.

The letter read in part, “You people are an embarrassment to Nigeria and are the people that brought in western education to Nigeria. You doomed this nation and in turn you all are going to be doomed. Most of you are going to die before Independence Day. You will not spend the Independence Day in peace, you and your students.

“Detonation will start going from tomorrow till Independence Day and there is nothing you can do as we are among you. Even your little searches at the gate won’t do anything. By the time we are through with you, your government will be sorry.”

Speaking on the alleged threat, Oladejo said like others, he also received the letter, while saying that it had not affected the peace of the school.

He said, “I also got it. Anyone could instigate such thing. Some people could be mischievous. Our international students are having their carnival on the campus and everywhere is peaceful. I attribute it to the handiwork of mischievous individuals and vehemently deny any commotion.”

Police Public Relations Officer of the state police command, Adekunle Ajisebutu, told our correspondent that the command had received information on the threat to lives and property on the campus and had responded appropriately.

He said, “We have received the information. The state Commissioner of Police, Samuel Adegbuyi, working in concert with the other security agencies, has put in place all necessary security arrangement to forestall such an ugly incident.

“We have deployed our intelligence officers to provide adequate security in the school. As it is, it is still a rumour but we don’t want to take things for granted and because of this, we have provided adequate security, not only for the school, but for the people of the state.

“We enjoin members of the public to go about their lawful businesses and to be law-abiding.”


Check out the transformation on football legend Jay Jay Okocha..photo

The Football legend, Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha was transformed into an old man by Special Effects makeup artist 'Hakeemeffect' for a campaign, who also tranformed Toyin Aimakhu into an old woman. He is such a brilliant artist. 
More photos below...

Photo of shops that caught fire in Lagos...

Five shops were burnt down completely at 24, Gaskia College Road, Ijora in Lagos yesterday September 23rd. Millions of Naira worth of goods was lost in the inferno. 
More photos below...

Graphic photos of man who gets his hands chopped off while allegedly trying to steal a TV in Akwa Ibom...

According to unconfirmed reports, the man pictured above had his hands chopped off at Aka Itiam/Ibiam Street in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State while allegedly trying to steal a flat screen TV from a football viewing centre. See more photos after the cut...

Photo credit: Inibehe Effiong

Photo of EFCC staff who took Multi-Million bribe from lawmaker caught...

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, says it has arrested one of its operatives for allegedly collecting a N15 million bribe.

EFCC, in a statement released on Friday, said Uzodinma Agbazue a deputy detective superintendent, was arrested for “offences bordering on criminal conspiracy and extortion”.

Mr. Agbazue was arrested on Thursday following a complaint by a lawmaker under investigation by the Commission, the statement signed by the commission’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, said.

The lawmaker said that the EFCC detective collected N15m from him with a promise to compromise the investigation.

Mr. Agbazue allegedly approached him, claiming he had been mandated by the officer handling the case to discuss and reach an agreement on how to “kill the case”.

“Following the approach, a sum of N15m was given to Agbazue whose game plan collapsed after the Investigating officer, who was ignorant of his scheme, refused to do his bidding.

“With the investigation gathering increased momentum after parting with the hefty sum, the complainant became uncomfortable and demanded a refund.

“The complainant stated that, when he requested for the refund of his money, Agbazue only returned N5 million claiming that the balance of N10 million had been given to someone 'to kill the case from the top',” the statement adds.

The lawmaker also alleged that the operative collected N1million at a different time as assistance for settlement of his wife’s medical bill.

The anti-graft agency said: “Uzordinma Agbazue’s action is in contravention of the Commission’s mandate and ideals as the EFCC will not solicit or accept gratification from a suspect to compromise a case under investigation.

“The suspect will be subjected to administrative action as precursor to possible prosecution at the end of the investigation.”

17 killed as Boko Haram attacks Nigerian Soldiers in Borno state..photo

The Nigeria Army said it killed Fifteen insurgents and lost two soldiers in a fierce battle between its troops and Boko Haram terrorists in Abadam village, Borno, on Thursday.

In a statement issued by Col Sani Usman, acting Director Army Public Relations in Abuja, the army said the terrorists launched attacked on troops of Operation Lafiya Dole and Multinational Task Force at about 6:30am on Thursday, which lasted for two hours.

He said while many insurgents escaped with gunshot wound, four soldiers also sustained injuries.

“The bodies of our late colleagues and the wounded have since been evacuated. The troops have continued mop up and clearance operations of the remnants of the terrorists. They have also intensified vigilance and high level of alertness,” he said.

Col. Usman said items recovered from the terrorists include a gun truck, a 60mm Mortar tube, seven 60mm mortar bomb, a General Purpose Machine (GPMG), three damaged AK 47 Rifle and four bandoliers of anti-aircraft rounds of ammunition.

God rest their beautiful souls...
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