20 Sep 2016

Man murders his own daughter because he was angry at his baby mama ... and did a video before committing the murder (watch)

A man named Tarel Felder killed his own 4-year-old daughter, Amiya Felder because his girlfriend and the girl's mother left him for another man. After shooting his daughter, he killed himself.

Before committing the crime, Tarel posted a video on instagram hinting about his plans to kill his daughter.

In the video, the 26 year old can be seen scolding the girl for running away and later making a vague threat. “I’m through with the thing,” he said. “Ya heard me? I’m through with it.”. Watch after the cut

According to Texas prosecutors, Tarel picked up Amyira from her mom’s house in New Orleans and took her to his mother’s house in Katy, Texas, where he committed the suicide/murder..

Tarel’s mother, Dorian Johnson, told police that she had left to run an errand on Thursday night and left the little girl with her father and when she came home, she found her son dead and her granddaughter severely wounded. She called 911 who came and rushed Amyira the Hospital, where she died.

The girl’s mother, Shonique Johnson, found out about her daughter’s death through a phone call from police in Texas.

“He pointed a gun at my baby because she was trying to run, and he shot her,” Johnson told KTRK through her tears.

Johnson added that her daughter was excited to be spending time with her father and grandmother.
“She wanted to go. She said she wanted to be with her nana and her daddy because she was missing him, and I allowed her to go.”

There were no signs of the tragic violence that would come, Johnson told KTRK.

Before killing himself and his daughter, Tarel made the video below...

Wahala dey o! Chinese Billionaire's son buys his pet dog eight of the latest iPhone 7...photos

Sicong, the only son of China's richest man Wang Jianlin, worth $30 billion according to Forbes, has made the news again for pampering his dog - Coco the Alaskan Malamute. He bought the dog 'eight iPhone 7 handsets'.

These Pictures emerged on China's social media and it shows Coco posing next to a stack of eight boxes believed to contain a phone in each.
In China, an iPhone 7 costs 6,988 yuan (£803) while an iPhone 7 Plus costs 7,988 yuan (£918). Sicong who is also a successful businessman and China's most eligible bachelor, refers to his pet as "The dog princess of the people.'
More photos below...

This Pickpocket man got the shock of his life when he stole a wallet belonging to a native doctor...photo

A thief who stole a wallet from a native doctor was shocked when the item turned into a dangerous snake in his hands. The guy tried all he could to extricate the reptile from his hand but to no avail, so he had no choice but to go to the owner of the wallet and confessed what he did.

According to Adom Online, the incident left people baffled after they watched as a wallet turned into a deadly cobra in the hands of the thief as a result of "black magic". 

It was gathered that the 27-year-old thief identified as Mdu, had snatched the wallet from the owner, not knowing that he was playing with fire as the owner is a known witch doctor. When he tried to open it to see what he got, the wallet turned into a cobra that wrapped itself around his hand.

A witness revealed that the terrified thief tracked the native doctor who was about to board a taxi and confessed that he stole his wallet and wanted to return it.

“He stole a wallet from an old man; people around are just saying the old man is a Sangoma (native doctor), but no one knows the man around. When he snatched the wallet he went behind a billboard; that’s when the wallet turned into a snake.

"The snake is not biting him but it's stuck in his hands as he failed to throw it way; this is first-grade black magic."

Patience Jonathan gives EFCC 14 days to defreeze her accounts and tender apology...

Image result for images of patience jonathan

Solicitor to former First Lady, Mrs. Patience Ibifaka Goodluck Jonathan, First Law Associates, has given the Economic and Financial Commission, EFCC, 14 days with effect from September 18 to defreeze her accounts and tender a public apology to her.

Senior Partner, First Law Associates, Timipa Okponipere Esq. in an open letter to EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, urging the Commission to leave Mrs. Jonathan alone, warned that it refused to conform: “We shall file an action at the African Commission on Human Rights at the Gambia demanding N5 billion in exemplary and punitive damages.”

The solicitor observed: “There is no established legal or political precedent for what the EFCC is currently doing to our client. How many former First Ladies in Nigeria have received the Patience Goodluck Jonathan Treatment (PGJT) to have warranted the EFCC to engage in the effrontery to freeze our client’s accounts and subject her to public opprobrium, ridicule and disgrace? This nonsense must stop forthwith.”

He said: “Our client is a respected senior citizen of international repute, a retired Permanent Secretary and the immediate past First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our Client is a law-abiding citizen who has never or at all been the subject of any criminal and/or financial investigation, whether at home or abroad.  Accordingly, she has not been found guilty of any criminal conduct throughout a sparkling public service career spanning over 35 years.”

“During the 5 years our client served as First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria between May, 2010 and May, 2015; she was the Initiator/Founder of the A. ARUERA WOMEN FOUNDATION as well as the WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE; both of which Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) substantially contributed to the 35 per cent affirmative action for women in the country.

Our Client is the recipient of numerous local and international awards in recognition of her untiring commitment towards uplifting the living standard of women, children and the aged in Nigeria.

“Sir, it is against this sterling and meritorious background of our client that we most respectfully, write to draw your attention to the numerous breaches of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act 2004 committed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in cause of the Commission’s illegal and unlawful investigation of our client for alleged money laundering.

These investigations have reportedly led to the freeze of our client’s accounts and led to untold consequences to our client’s health and wellbeing,” the solicitor asserted.

He added: “The EFCC must realize that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act 2004 is inferior in content and quality to both the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As amended) and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, 2004.”


Shocking! More banks to close branches and lay off workers as recession hits harder...

Image result for images of customers in the bank in nigeria
A number of Deposit Money Banks in the country will close many of what they described as unprofitable branches as the economic recession continues to bite harder, investigation by Punch has shown.

It was similarly gathered that most of the banks would lay off hundreds of workers between now and December.

The revelation came barely 24 hours after Unity Bank Plc laid off about 300 workers, more than the 220 that was mentioned last week.

Diamond Bank Plc and Ecobank had earlier in the year sacked over 3,000 members of their workforce.

It was learnt that following the economic downturn in the country, a number of bank branches could no longer justify their existence as cost analysis had shown that the financial institutions were spending more on salaries and overheads than the income from the branches.

Some top bank executives, who confirmed the development to our correspondent under the condition of anonymity on Monday, said some lenders might be forced to relieve more workers of their duties before the end of this year.

An executive director in one of the banks that recently asked some of its workers to go said, “We have laid off some of our staff members but that it still not enough. Many branches are just existing for the sake of being there. They are not generating enough income. What they are bringing in is far less than what the bank is incurring as costs on them.

“We may have to close such branches before the year ends. I know a number of other banks that are planning something similar.”

Policemen allegedly beat 70 yrs old man to death...

There has been tension in Amaekpu Ohafia community in the Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State following a clash between youths of the community and policemen attached to the area over the killing of a 70-year-old hunter, Chief Kalu Okowu, aka Crossca.

It was gathered that some policemen had beaten the victim to death while trying to arrest him for allegedly injuring a fellow hunter during a hunting expedition.

A source described Okowu as a jovial, caring and peace-loving man, who was not known for trouble in the community.

He added that some months back, Crossca, who was the Chairman of Ohafia Hunters Association, a registered group with the Ohafia council, went on a hunting expedition with some of his colleagues when the incident occurred.

The source said, “Some pellets hit one of his colleagues, Agwu Oba, alias Aliko, in the leg. He was taken to Ebem Hospital, where he was treated and later discharged.”

Aliko was alleged to have reported the case to the police, which led to the arrest of the hunters who were with him when the shooting incident happened.

“They broke into Okowu’s house and allegedly hit him with guns. In the process, he collapsed. Efforts by doctors to revive him failed and he was taken to another hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival by a medical team at the hospital.

“Okowu’s death angered some youths, who descended  on policemen in the area. But some soldiers were alerted and they intervened,” the source explained.

The traditional ruler of Amaekpu Ohafia, Prof. Emea Arua, called for calm in the community, assuring that the perpetrators of the dastardly act would be prosecuted according to the law.

But the widow of the deceased, Kalu Nnoke, urged the government to ensure that justice was served on those found culpable as a way of assuaging the spirit of her late husband.

Lobatan! Video of woman begging with borrowed babies caught...

This woman identified as Mrs Blessing Ubom was arrested with two babies at the MCC Pedestrian Bridge, Onitsha.

The suspect, who hails from Calabar, Cross River State was brought to Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) last week by residents who suspected that the two babies were not hers because they had been seeing her with only one baby.

On interrogation, the woman insisted that she gave birth to the babies on third of August this year at Army barracks where she lives with her blind husband, Mr Ubom Glory Emmanuel. He confirmed that the suspect is his wife, however, he said that one of the baby boys belonged to them and that his wife had borrowed the other baby boy from their relative to attract sympathy and more money from the public.

Mr Emmanuel, who pleaded for pardon as begging was their only means of survival, claimed to have told his wife to take only their baby but she  told him that people do not give her money so she had to borrow another one.

The teenage single mother of the baby boy, Happiness Emmanuel who later appeared at the police station said she gave out her baby boy for begging in order to sustain herself, adding that the woman gives her one thousand, five hundred naira whenever she takes baby to beg for alms. The suspects are currently in police custody.

See video here below:

Wow! Meet this 24-year-old footballer who quits the game to 'concentrate on religion' ..photos

Sheffield Wednesday player, Jeremy Helan, 24, was once dubbed 'the next Patrice Evra' but he has walked away from the game in order to 'concentrate on religion'. 

The former France U-19 international who came through the ranks at Manchester City, informed stunned officials of his plans last week.

It is understood he has become disillusioned with the game and is intending to go to Saudi Arabia after reportedly spending increasing amounts of time at a mosque in the city. The player has not spoken on the situation but a source said: ‘It is the talk of the dressing room. Jeremy told them what he wanted to do last week. He said that he wanted to quit for Saudi to concentrate on religion after becoming more involved at a mosque in Sheffield. The club are a bit taken aback by it. They are working with him to come to some kind of agreement.’

Friends and associates believe he should continue with the game and are trying to change his mind.

Photo of petrol tanker that caught fire in Lagos

The petroleum tanker caught fire at Abattoir, Agege in Lagos state in the early hours of today September 20th. The fire has since been put off, more photos below...

Meet Ben Murray-Bruce and his adopted son ...photo

He shared the photo of himself, adopted son and friend, he captioned it ' Oh and he's growing a beard' lol

Photo of first lady Aisha Buhari and U.S first lady Michelle Obama in New York...

Mrs Aisha Buhari joined US First Lady Michelle Obama who hosted a concert for wives of heads of states around the world at her Broadway event to help push for The girl child education around the world. Another photo below...

Mistresses of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church exposed...photos

The lady above in the photo is Christine Davidson-Eke with her daughter, supposedly Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter. which broke down his marriage to ex wife Anita. The whole ministry of CE knows this secret and its out in the open now. 

Even if it was originally believed and sold to the world that it was Yemisi Kudehinbu that caused the separation. But our source from their Lagos church said these women are also his mistresses. There are many more with kids whom he has adopted to hide his promiscuous ways.

His members and pastors will go the extra mile to hide the truth and even start living the same lifestyles as well because they have been brainwashed it's accepted.

A well known South African based CE Pastor Fashina is also rumoured to be living the same lifestyle. Some of his other pastors such as Chidi Ezimako, Lanre alabi, Ambrose Isessile, Raymond Okocha, Tom Amenkhiena, Obi Chiemeka, Paul Obi etc all live this same promiscuous lifestyle of Pastor Chris.

Also, some of his female pastors are not left out of this atrocities, they are just as bad as the male pastors.  Below is another photo of three of his members who are always seen  together, who are also believed to be his mistresses, Deola Phillips, Yemisi Kudehinbu (who are pictured in the photo below) and Ifeoma Chiemeka in the other photo, shameless lots! 

Image result for images of ifeoma chiemeka

19 Sep 2016

Lobatan! Lagos state to shut 10,444 unregistered Private Schools...

Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Oluranti Adebule at the 3rd quarterly stakeholders’ forum of private schools owners held at the Secretariat, Alausa in Ikeja, today said the State Government is ready to shutdown 10,444 unregistered private schools which littered the state.

According to Adebule, it is shocking to discover that out of the 15,000 private schools operating in the state, only 4,556 were registered and vowed to take urgent action.

“Government is not comfortable with our discovery that over 15,000 private schools are operating in the State and only just 4,556 are approved and registered; Let me state it clearly, henceforth, Lagos State Government will no longer allow private schools that are not duly registered by the Lagos State Ministry of Education to operate in the State, their operation becomes illegal henceforth in the State,” she warned.

Tragic! This 11 yr old accidentally hangs himself while trying to mimic YouTube pranks...photo

A Georgia mother is grieving for her 11-year-old son, whom she says accidentally hanged himself while trying to mimic pranks he had watched on YouTube.

Cantenecia Stokes, of East Point, Georgia, found Aundreis Bass, her eldest child, hanging from a rope inside a closet in his bedroom. She tried to save him, cut the rope and called 911.

But the boy died last week, four days after his mother found him. She says he had been watching prank videos on YouTube about hanging.

Aundreis tried to untie himself but didn't know how to take the rope off, according to his mother. The three children were the ones who told her their brother wasn't breathing, Stokes said. She ran to the scene and tried to rescue her son. 

But he wasn't responding and died four days later at a children's hospital in Atlanta.

Photo of man stabbed to death in Delta over girlfriend...

A twenty-five year-old man, Matthew Iyede, has been stabbed to death by three friends over an alleged disagreement over a girlfriend at Eku, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Sunday morning at a popular drinking bar, Blue Sea Restaurant and Bar, in Eku, near Delta State University Abraka.

Eyewitnesses told Punch that the victim died immediately, following multiple stabs he sustained on his chest.

It was learnt that the late Matthew was ambushed by armed youths alleged to have been led by one Ese Uku. Ese was alleged to have warned the victim to steer clear of the girl whom Matthew had reportedly been dating for long.

 The victim’s relative, Victor Iyede, confirmed the incident to Punch on the phone. Victor claimed that his brother was killed over a girl he had been dating.

Victor said, “Matthew was stabbed at a plaza closer to Eku Town hall. He was stabbed over a girl. Those involved are at large. Their names have been submitted to the police.”

 The spokesman of the Delta State Police Commander, SP Celestina Kalu, confirmed the incident when contacted. She said two of the suspects had been arrested by the police in Abraka.

 “The vigilante group, in collaboration with the Police, arrested two suspects in respect of the case. The names of the suspects are Kevwe Edward (21 years old) and Lucky Grant (19 years old). The suspects will be transferred to SCIIDC for discreet investigation and diligent prosecution,” Kalu said.

 She added that Matthew’s corpse has been deposited at the Eku General hospital pending further investigation by the police.

ISIS news agency claims Minnesota mall attacker was an ISIS member...photo

The ISL-affiliated news agency Amaq says one of the group’s followers carried out the stabbing attack that wounded at least eight people at a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota on Saturday.  
  "The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of the countries belonging to the crusader coalition", Amaq said in a statement.

The authorities say a man wearing a private security uniform and armed with at least one knife stabbed eight people at a St. Cloud mall before he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer. All eight victims from the attack were treated at a hospital for wounds that weren't life-threatening and all but one were later released. 

The attacker has been identified as as a 22-year-old college student. The man's father identified as Dahir Adan, who is a Somali, says in an interview with the Star Tribune that his son came to the U.S. 15 years ago and was a student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. He said he had "no suspicion" that his son might have been involved in terrorist activity. 

Leader of the Somali community in central Minnesota have condemned the attack. They held a news conference on Sunday and said the suspect does not represent the larger Somali community. 

Authorities haven't publicly identified the attacker. FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Rick Thornton said on Sunday that authorities are still digging into the suspect's background to determine his possible motivation.

St. Cloud's mayor and police chief praised the swift actions of the off-duty Avon police officer for shooting and killing the attacker. The part-time officer identified as Officer Jason Falconer is being hailed as a hero. He told Minneapolis Star Tribune that he's "been trying to stay away from it all, for the time being" Falconer said he wasn't hurt and declined to talk further, citing the ongoing investigation.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune/SITE Intel Group

Omg! Shocking secrets of Rev Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church exposed...

Image result for images of rev oyakhilome
Words have reached us about all the atrocities going on in the Christ Embassy Church Ministry. Recently, in a meeting that Pastor Chris had with his partners, he said many Christians are influenced by the devil. Does that mean that he is also influenced by the devil, when he keeps so many concubines everywhere, which was the major cause of his divorce to his estranged wife.

Someone left a comment on his ex wife Pastor Anita Ebodaghe's blog advising her to be understanding to him having concubines because so many prophets in the Old Testament had them, how shameless! This must be evil influence also as he claims.

This so called Pastor keeps so many mistresses. It has become a plague in his church because both the married and unmarried pastors are practicing the same act, leaving church members of the brainwashed Ministry baffled and appalled.

Furthermore, according to the staff at the Oregun branch in Ikeja, people in the ministry will go any length to support this act and its disheartening to say the least because its become the norm. Shame on this ungodly practice in the house of God.

We will not relent to expose these so called pastors and put them all to shame.

Image result for images of rev oyakhilome

Read some of the shocking secrets of Christ Embassy Church, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome's sister, Pastor Linda Okocha here..

Image result for images of pastor linda okocha
Meet the sister of Reverend Chris Oyakhilome, so called Pastor Linda Okocha who says that people are smelling if they don't participate in church. She is extremely arrogant and constantly directs her teaching in such derogatory ways. 

The staff of the Lagos branch in Oregun in Ikeja, who didn't want to be named, also informed us that the brethren in the CE church branch in the UK, where she was recently posted to from Canada and which was formally Pastor Anita's (Chris Oyakhilome's ex wife) branch are seriously complaining about her teaching method. They revealed her teaching is totally off point and absurd.

We will expose more about this brainwashed so called Ministry... another photo of her below.

Image result for images of pastor linda okocha

Photo of female primary school teacher kidnapped yesterday in Kaduna State...

Fatima Uma, a teacher at LEA Maiduguri Road Pri School Kaduna, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen at her home yesterday night.  

According to the victim's brother, Youssouf Umar Garkuwa, she is the wife of Dr Yunusa Umar of Education Department ABU Zaria. Read his post about the kidnap after the cut. 

This young man bites off finger of an 85 yrs old woman...graphic photos

A man allegedly assaulted an 85-year-old woman in Delta state on September 15, biting off the tip of her finger in the process. The person who sent in these photos claims the Police is currently searching for him. He said: 
"A young man, Ohoh Iriferi from Eku, Delta state, beat up an 85 year old grandmother at her home in Eku. He ran away to Warri after Youths started searching for him. We are still on the look for him and the matter has also reported to the police."
 See a photo of the man below...

Media Personality Toke Makinwa reveals who she's dating..photos

Toke Makinwa is on the cover of the first edition of Fame Extra Magazine, and in this new feature she tells it all. Toke has opened up about dating again and how hard it has been for her. Do enjoy!

Misconceptions about marriage; People are not honest enough! You are told to keep quiet about everything like showing a sign of ‘all is not well’ automatically means you have a bad marriage. The thing is, everyone struggles, no situation is perfect and if people walked around with a little bit of honesty about their situation, a lot of marriages might survive. Religion is also a very big problem, God is involved in Marriage and he has also blessed us with the capacity to think and make decisions for ourselves so people need to be less religious and more aware of His love. There will be way less judgement. So much goes on in a home and you are told to keep mute, keep taking, pray till your knees get dark from kneeling (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong), but a lot of people lose who they are trying to keep with all of these mandates that doesn’t always work. I am not saying you should go around telling everyone your business but I feel if we had more people open up about their struggles and a society that is less judgmental, people will begin to appreciate the beauty of seeing two people work at staying together and realising the sheer amount of work required on both sides. Continue...

Dating again: Yes, and I am having a lot of fun right now.

On being single: It’s tricky! It’s exactly like learning to ride a bike again but I think I am doing very well. Laughs. Of course you get the initial stumble and fall off but the key is to accept that things are different now and that’s ok. My first date after my separation, I cried on my way home as I couldn’t believe I was back dating again, the stress and joys of getting to know someone again, the excruciating pain of the past and the will to trust another again.

The most absurd thing she has read: That I had a child I was hiding. It was so silly but yeah, that was funny.

Handling controversies: I just don’t meddle too much in what is being said or how it is being analysed… I simply keep it moving. God has been so incredible in my career and before I started, he told me. “You will hold your peace and I will fight for you”. He has not failed me yet. I just pray about the situation and remind him always that as a servant looks up to his master and a maid servant to her mistress; my eyes are on him (GOD).

Speaking on plastic surgery: Hmm… I am not against it, I feel like it’s a comfort thing, I have seen people struggle with those things that they are insecure about and once they get something done, they become different people. They are more confident, and if it rocks their boats, why not? I never judge another’s decision as I haven’t walked a quarter of a mile in their shoes so whatever makes you happy, whatever helps you sleep well at night…. Knock yourself out.

Another Explosion occurs at New Jersey train station...photo

An explosion has taken place at a New Jersey train station while authorities are at the scene investigating reports of a suspicious package.

The station, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, was evacuated alongside businesses in the surrounding area. One eyewitness described the blast as "thunderous", but there have been no injuries.

A bomb squad robot was at the scene when the blast took place, however authorities have confirmed that it was not a controlled explosion.

Chris Bollwage, the Mayor of Elizabeth, confirmed that the suspicious package contained "an explosive device" and "could have hurt a lot of people". The device is understood to have been found in a bin at the station.

The incident comes as FBI agents are questioning five people over the explosion that injured 29 people in New York at the weekend.

This widower gets surprised with a furnished 2-bedroom bungalow by Gov Udom Emmanuel's wife ..photos

A widower with five children, Uwem Nnah, from Ikot Ekpene, who was allegedly mistreated and abused by relatives, said there were moments he thought of ending his life.

But a kind gesture from Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel, wife of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, has given him a reason to be happy once again. Mr. Uwem is now a proud owner of a well furnished two bedroom bungalow, courtesy of the first lady of the state.

Here's Mr Uwem and his children before help came their way.

EFCC links more mansions in Lagos, Bayelsa to Jonathan’s Domestic Aide...photo

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has traced mansions worth N1.5billion to former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Domestic Affairs, Waripamowei Dudafa.

As part of investigations into alleged case of money laundering, EFCC discovered some properties, which Dudafa had not been able to explain where he got the money to buy them.

The commission discovered a mansion in the Agungi area of the Lekki-Epe Expressway, allegedly belonging to Dudafa, said to be worth over N300m.

The graft agency also traced a plot of land around the Chevron Estate off the Lekki-Epe Expressway and a twin duplex within the same area said to belong to Dudafa.

Apart from the Lagos properties, an edifice in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, was also traced to Dudafa.

A source in the EFCC told Punch that, “When we are probing a person, we usually investigate his lifestyle and see if he or she is living above his means. Since Dudafa has already been arraigned for money laundering, we decided to launch further investigations into his lifestyle.

“We found a white mansion in the Agungi area of Lagos, very close to Lekki. He has about four exotic cars in the compound. We did not seal it off because people live there. So, we just placed a sticker on the fence to indicate that the property is a subject of investigation.

“Dudafa also has a twin duplex around the Chevron Estate. We did not seal it off because he has rented the property out. However, he has a parcel of land around the place, which we have sealed off.

“We have arraigned Dudafa and if he is found guilty, he will forfeit the properties.”

Dudafa first became a subject of EFCC investigation when a former Aide-de-Camp to Jonathan, Col. Ojogbane Adegbe (retd.), told detectives that he handed over N10bn (converted to foreign currency) to Dudafa on the eve of the 2014 Peoples Democratic Party presidential primary in which Jonathan was the sole aspirant.

The money given to Dudafa was allegedly used in bribing PDP delegates.

The money was allegedly diverted by the Office of the National Security Adviser under Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.) from a Signature Bonus Account in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The N10bn is believed to have been diverted from oil receipts as follows: $5m (November 14, 2014); $47m (November 27, 2014); €4m (December 3, 2014) and €1.6m (December 24, 2014).

While Adegbe was arrested but later released, Dudafa was said to have fled to either Dubai or a Caribbean country where he stayed for several months.

Dudafa was finally arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services upon arrival at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, on April 18, 2016.

The anti-graft agency said the former presidential aide returned N900m to the Federal Government.

Dudafa is also believed to be a front for Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of the former President.
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