17 Jul 2016

Mother & Daughter Fight over Rich Lover in Abuja...(see photos)

If a mother is not decent in her lifestyle, how can her daughter be decent? What would make a mother and her daughter, in their right senses, engage each other in a serious fight over a married man? That is the question that has been begging for answers after the mother and her daughter decided to fight it out in the streets when they found out that the rich man was sleeping with both of them.

According to Pulse's source, who witnessed the show of shame in Nyanya area of Abuja, the woman who is a single parent of four, hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria and runs a beer palour in the area while her daughter is said to be a student in a university in nearby Nasarawa State. The eyewitness said, "It was a sight to behold as the woman who is in her late 40s, engaged her daughter who cannot be more than 22, in a serious fight in her beer palour. They fought so bitterly that the fight spilled outside, drawing a large crowd of onlookers.

"They tore their clothes and were only left with underwear. We later gathered that they were fighting over a man who has been secretly dating the two of them; imagine sleeping with both mother and daughter. "When we were able to calm them down, we asked what led to the fight but the mother was silent until the daughter opened up that her mum snatched her rich lover who has been sponsoring her in school.

"At that point, the mother also opened up, saying it was actually the daughter that snatched the man from her, saying she had been dating him for over five years and the man only started sleeping with her 'big eye' daughter some months back. It was really a shameful thing to behold."

Photo of Man who was A Billionaire in Bayelsa is Now Poor...

If you tell some people to take their time to build wealth and invest for a decent life, they will say you are just talking because you don't want to spend money or you don't even have money. They will point at others who are spending anyhow they like and tell you that those people don't have two heads.

Ignorance at work! It is easy to be rich but difficult to remain rich. One of the saddest episodes of life is for you to be rich today and go broke in few years after living large. Such a person will be miserable. I won't tell anyone not to enjoy life, but I will say make sure that your enjoyment can last.Simple!

Someone who goes by the identity Mushy shared a story about a "big boy" we should learn from:
There was this wealthy politician in Bayelsa State who celebrated One Billion Naira during the reign of late Governor Alamesiegha a.k.a ALAMCO. 
I was a batch A corper between 2004/2005, leaving with my uncle in Kpansia area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. He told me to dress up for a club, that a cousin of the then governor is celebrating N1billion. 
I was confused initially but, my people, it was a reality when I got there and saw some of our corper babes in club arena. Behold! the celebration was that the politician had hit is first One Billion Naira. 
Those who are familiar with Bayelsa State knows the man slapped GEJ when he was the deputy governor, who later ran to S.A. when ALAMCO was impeached. 
Recently, I escorted a friend to his house in Amassoma close to Niger Delta University... take it or leave, the same wealthy guy is broke. When I got to Yenagoa and was trying to talk about it with my uncle's friends where we're relaxing, a guy just asked me to forget the talk, saying these days the man sometimes borrow money to fuel his car. 
Marvellous! Marvellous!! One Billion Naira? How did he waste all that money?

Omg...You won't believe what these men are drinking...(see photos)

Some guys were seen having a bender with this much alchohol...this doesn't look right.

Shocking...Another shooting in Baton Rouge, three Police Officers killed and three other injured (photos)

Three officers have been confirmed dead and three others wounded after a shooting in Baton Rouge, a sheriff's office spokeswoman said Sunday. One suspect is dead, the police are engaged in a standoff situation with one while one other person is still at large, the spokeswoman said. Casey Rayborn Hicks, a spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, said in a statement. The shooting which happened just before 9 a.m. central time in the US, less than 1 mile from police headquarters, comes amid tensions across the city and the country between the black community and police. 

An audio report of the police scanner asking for backup and saying policer officers have been shot has been released.

The races of the suspect or suspects and the officers were not immediately known.

The suspect in the standoff situation is said to be wearing all black, with a mask over their face and holding a long gun.

Story is still developing...

17-year-old Nigerian girl who was tricked into prostitution in Russia then abandoned when she fell sick....(photo)

Anti-Trafficking activists were recently honoured in Washington, D.C. at an event marking the release of the State Department's 2016 Trafficking in Persons report.

The U.S. State Department's Anti-Trafficking Heroes came from very different corners of the world: Nigeria, Cyprus, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal and they all carry same thing in their pocket or purse: photos of the victims they had rescued from human trafficking, stored in their mobile phones.
Goats and Soda spoke to some of the honorees at NPR's headquarters, including a Nigerian activist Oluremi Kehinde, who each shared a story about a trafficked victim they have rescued. They 've been asked not to give the full names of the trafficking victims to protect their identities.

Oluremi Kehinde works with Africans who have been trafficked for sex work in Russia. He shared a photo of an 18-year-old Nigerian girl brought to Russia with what she thought was a student visa, then forced into prostitution.(pictured showing a photo of the Nigerian teen forced to work as a prostitute in Russia. She was hospitalized because of internal injuries) Below is his story:
"Victims brought for prostitution have their passports taken away from them. She would have to work to pay up the $50,000 to $60,000 [to her captors] before she could earn back her freedom. This girl only paid $15,000, so she was locked up in an apartment where she had to serve customers. Many victims are threatened that if they run away, their family in Nigeria would have to pay up — or be harmed.

In the process of working as a prostitute, she had to have anal intercourse with men. Many times, if the victims refuse, they are humiliated, beaten up, some are even thrown out a window or killed. So most victims agree. The girl's large intestine became twisted and blocked. She could not go to the toilet and became weak with a serious stomachache. She was dying. But the traffickers didn't help her.

I found out about this case and I got the police involved. We got her out of there and into the hospital for surgery. She was crying, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die."
Four weeks ago, we returned her to Nigeria and [we are now] working to arrest the people who brought her to Russia. She is better now, with her parents.

Source: http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda

See how this female corper is celebrating her mum for providing for her education...so touching!

Our mothers of then are key factors in our successes today, they are disciplined, hardworking and have no time for frivolities like we are witnessing today. This pretty corper, Tonia shared the inspiring story of how her mum gave her all with a petty business for her to go to school and get educated.

Read what Tonia wrote below:
"I'm a product of Sacrifice, Focus, Patience, and Perseverance. Mum Sacrificed all to get me Educated.

I remained Focused, even when confronted by temptations. I stayed PATIENT when all was going downhill. 
Another photo below...

Femi Fani-Kayode shares his experience in detention..."My 67 days in custody and prison"

Former spokesman for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has described his experience in detention as traumatic and depressing.

Fani-Kayode, who was released on Friday night, told Punch on Saturday that though his freedom after 67 days in custody would allow him to prepare his defence for allegations levelled against him by the EFCC, it would be meaningless if other people in detention are not released.

Speaking on what he went through he prison, he said:
“It was quite an ordeal. It was an ordeal. But I thank God that I am free and that I have been given an opportunity to defend myself in court when the case starts – I am looking forward to that. Outside of that, the truth is that as long as others who are also political prisoners and have been falsely accused are still in (security agencies’) custody our country, then I believe that my freedom is meaningless.

“So, until every single political prisoner or every single person falsely accused by the state, by the government and the EFCC has been released; has been given the opportunity to defend himself in court; and until that happens, I don’t think any of us is free. We still have people like Sambo Dasuki, Iyiola Omisore and many others in prison or EFCC’s custody.”

The ex-minister also talked tough, saying: “You have people in EFCC custody – husbands and wives locked up for no good reasons. It is very traumatic and depressing but now, is not the time to talk; right now I am preparing my defence. I am preparing for any eventuality because I know the government is capable of doing anything to anybody at anytime, who criticises them.

“I am also preparing and praying for what lies ahead. Whatever the case, the struggle will continue and then we shall prevail. Those that seek to impose an ethnic and religious bondage and servitude on people of this nation will not succeed. And, every Nigerian, regardless of his religious faith or where he comes from, will and shall be treated equally – and that’s what we are fighting for.”

Asked if he ate food prepared for him in prison, he said, “While in prison, I only ate food that was brought to me by my wife. The prison officials were very professional. People were treated like human beings and that is to be commended. But being in EFCC’s custody is a different kettle of fish. I am glad to be free at last. I pray that this country is delivered from the sort of evil where people are just accused and locked up indefinitely and maligned by the press.”

You may wish to know that Fani-Kayode is accused by EFCC of receiving N840m during the build-up to the 2015 presidential election and other sums that were laundered through girlfriends, etc.

omg! Fayose says " How i spent the cash i got for my election is not anybody's business...

Image result for images of fayose

Moments after the EFCC seized mansions belonging to Ayo Fayose, the governor has reacted. He insisted that the houses linked to him were bought legitimately.
A statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said any property that might be linked to Fayose or his company was “bought legitimately and his properties were duly declared in his assets declaration form and sources of such funds were not illicit.” 

He said since the money he got for his election was from "legitimate sources" and not from the ONSA, “how the money was spent remained his own business and not that of anyone.”
But EFCC now have video evidence of how Billions of Naira, Nigeria's money, was moved with aircraft by Musiliu Obaniko to Fayose, hence he can't claim the cash is legitimate. They will meet in court.

Tragic! Gunmen storm Iba Palace, abduct the Monarch, shoots wife and killed guard..(photos)

Gunmen have abducted a first class traditional ruler in Lagos, Oba Yushau Goriola Oseni, the Oniba of Ibaland. In the process they killed his guard and shot his wife. The gunmen suspected to be from Niger Delta, stormed the monarch’s palace at around 11:30pm on Saturday and took the monarch away, escaping through the waterways.

A Palace source said the gunmen killed Oseni’s guard, a neighbourhood Watch officer and shot his wife before escaping with the monarch. Oba Oseni is also the father of a former Iba Local Council Development, LCDA, Chairman, Mrs. Ramota Oseni-Adeyeri.

Read what Femi Fani-Kayode wrote against the President and APC...

 Femi Fani-Kayode who was recently released has said he remains totally committed to opposing the Buhari administration and the APC after someone quoted him on Facebook saying, Fani said PDP members should join hands with the Buhari administration to take the country forward. 
He said, he will never make such a statement and he never made it privately or publicly. Above his what he wrote on his Facebook page 57 mins ago. You know Fani is back....

President Buhari condemns Coup in Turkey, congratulates the president for surviving..(read his response)

President Muhammadu Buhari has joined President Obama and other world leaders in vehemently condemning the abortive coup attempt in Turkey by a group of rebel army officers and men, which resulted in the reported death of more than 100 people. Reacting to the tragic events in Ankara, Istanbul and other centres, President Buhari said he was “deeply saddened by reports of a violent attempt to dismantle constitutional authority and disrupt the democratically elected government of Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey.”

“The removal of a democratic government by force is no longer acceptable. Violence can never solve any problem but only complicates them and sets back the progress of democratic societies.” The President also noted that President Erdogan was one of Nigeria’s close international partners and sincere supporters in its current war against terrorism, adding that all should resist the “destabilization of democratic countries through coups d’état in the 21st century.”

According to the President, “democracy provides peaceful options of changing governments through the ballot box. The ballot box doesn’t require violence to remove any government perceived to have lost its popularity and public support. Despite its limitations, democracy is still better and more durable than a violent change of government.”

The President praised the courage and immediate response of ordinary citizens who in the face of guns and tanks defied the rebel soldiers and forced them to abandon their mad quest for power. President Buhari called on the President of Turkey to pursue reconciliation and offered Nigeria’s support to the government and people of Turkey in their hour of trial.

Meet the woman who has slept with over 5000 men, she is Nairobi's oldest prostitute and never misses church..(photos)

 Rosemary Johns 64,  is still counting the number of men she has slept with to make ends meet and raise her children.  “I got married at 16, but after some time in marriage, my husband started neglecting us after I gave birth to five children,” recalls the now mother of eight (two have since died and the rest are adults in Tanzania). “I could have had 10 children were it not for two miscarriages,” reveals Rosemary who parted ways with her husband and became a barmaid in Musoma, Tanzania, before relocating to Nairobi where “I joined some women along Digo Road where we would wait for clients day and night and charged Sh5 for our services.”

The price remained the same for more than five years “until it rose to Sh50 and finally over Sh100 in early 2000s, depending on the location,” explains Rosemary who estimates that she could handle up to 40 men “on a good day” and “between five and 10 men on a bad day.”

Rosemary, a staunch baptised Christian who never misses church on Sunday, is considering retirement because “nowadays we depend on long-term customers. In fact, I had started small leso business after getting Sh70,000 loan from a local bank, but fire razed down my house and shop in March. Even my baptismal card and other documents were burnt. That and other problems pushed me back to the business.”

She reveals that, “Sleeping with more than 10 men for Sh50 each was a windfall because making Sh500 in a day was the equivalent of earning about Sh5000 today.” She adds that, “It has been a long journey and I’ve slept with more than 5,000 men in more than 20 years. I’ve been in the field, even my children know it, and used to visit but when they grew up and started their families, they stopped frequenting Nairobi.”

Brother who strangled his Celebrity Social Media sister to death has been caught (photos)

Waseem Azeem, who was accompanied by police, has confessed in a news conference to drugging and strangling his sister, 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch. He said that through her risque videos and social media posts "she brought dishonour to the Baloch name."

Baloch died Friday when one he strangled her to death as she slept in the family’s home in the province of Punjab. “Apparently the lady died of suffocation, but final opinion on her death would be possible only after report of chemical examination comes,” said Mushtaq Ahmed, who was among the team that conducted Baloch’s autopsy.

“She might have been given some poisonous substance before being strangled.” 
Multan police chief Akram Azhar said authorities will charge Azeem with carrying out an "honor killing." They will seek the “maximum punishment,” he added.

He has however said he has no regrets strangling her. Picture of sister below...

Patience Jonathan visits her hometown in style (photos)

Former First lady, Patience Jonathan, yesterday visited her hometown, Okrika in Rivers state for the funeral ceremony of Late Queen Comfort Kaine Obudibo, wife of His Royal Highness, King E. T. I. Obudibo, Ikwo V., Amayanabo of Ogoloma. Continue to see more photos ...

See all the beautiful celebrities who attended Folorunsho Alakija's 65th birthday party ...(photos)

Nigerian Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday, the 16th of July, 2016 and the event was well attended by dignitaries. Among those who attended are the Imo State First Lady, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha, wife of the Senate President, Mrs Toyin Saraki and many more. See more photos below....

Photo of General who led the Turkish coup is arrested and charged as others escape to Greece...

Istanbul's most senior soldier has been charged with treason as eight leading members of the plot to overthrow the government have fled to Greece. General Erdal Ozturk who commanded the Third Army Corps has been detained and now facing treason charges for his role in the aborted coup. 

His men attempted to seize strategic locations across Istanbul when they were confronted by thousands of unarmed civilians who came out in support of Presdient Recep Erdogan.  
Erdogan has suggested the ringleaders could face the death penalty even though Turkey abolished capital punishment as part of its attempts to join the European Union. 

Omg Fayose is in trouble, EFCC seizes N1.350b properties from (photos)

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has seized six choice properties allegedly acquired by Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State with stolen public funds. The duplexes, estimated at N1.350billion include four in Lagos and two in Abuja.

According to the Nation,they were allegedly acquired for him by his associate, Abiodun Agbele and sister. Mrs. Moji Ladeji. A furious Mrs. Ladeji has approached the Federal High Court, Ado-Ekiti laying claim to one of the Abuja duplexes anyway.

16 Jul 2016

Touching confession of how Actress Iyabo Ojo became rich today...

In a post on her IG page this afternoon, Actress Iyabo Ojo, shared her story of humble beginnings. She disclosed how in the past, all she got from her ex was N100 to feed her son, her unborn daughter and other relatives living with her. According to her, she wasn't born poor, love made her journey down the lane of poverty and hardship. Read her post after the cut...
Be grateful! It helps u appreciate d little u have knowing fully well that there are better days ahead! A time had been when all i got on a gud day in our one room apartment where 2 of my inlaws also lived with us was 100 naira daily to feed my son, my unborn daugther n my self which didnt even come regularly but with love n gratitude i managed it knowing that i was still in a better place than someone who was suffering from one deadly disease that had no cure n i also believed that oneday i will have more than enough to go round bcos i deeply believed in my self. i blamed no one 4 my mistakes, i took out my pain n frustation on no one, i refuse to be lazy, i refuse to allow my mistake n situation rule n take d better part of me 'yes! sometimes i break down,most especially when my babies fell ill n i know say no money, hummm d tears where so uncontrollable but i never gave up! I got a job, worked as a sales girl 4 a while, sent my self to school doing part time, later got a better job n worked as a secretary, i was so hard working that in few months i was promoted to a site manager with a salary of then 18k monthly until oneday i lost my job bcos they felt a male was better off. tho they did gud by paying me a 3months salary upfront still i was very unhappy, i had 2 babies! i remember crying all d way home that i missed my bus stop, again i blamed no one n i never lost hope i then decided to start trading, i went into d business of buying n selling clothes, i started my own business with just 30k chai i lost alot of weight o bcos of d stress, dont be mistaken i wasnt born poor, love made me journey down that lane but now am glad i did bcos i understand what it is to be poor n appreciate every little thing i have achieved! Thank u Lord! Now am telling part of my story to help encourage any poor mother who feels she cant make it bcos she has kids n u ask ur self where do i start from, d society is bad, am too much 4 this job, i have failed so i give up, No No No u can be d best of u, never give up on ur self, start anyhow, even if u have to sell pure water or do odd jobs. #proudmothers #strongwomen#mytruelifestory #bemotivated #beinspired #begrateful

Nollywood Actress Bimbo Thomas welcomes a son in the US...(photo)

Nollywood Actress, Bimbo Thomas is now a mom. The actress who has been in the US in the last few months welcomes her son, finally delivered him today, July 16th, 2016 at around 2om, American time. Mother and son are said to be doing great. We are so happy for her.

Dino Melaye dares The Tinubu's, He shows up where Bola Tinubu resides...read the shocking response...(photos)

Dino Melaye is in Lagos and boldly went to bourdillon street where the Tinubus reside. He didn’t only just get down from his car to stroll, he also posted photos online and said ‘Dino on bourdillon street in Lagos now, walking down the street. Waiting for noise makers. Eyin da?’

He also posted another photo with the caption ‘Agba Akin no dey fear’  Another photo also says ‘Announcement: I dey Lagos ooo,those wey say make I no enter Eko. Will drive round lagos in an open roof’.

See the tweets and more photos below. Coming from a Senator? This is so unbelievable...

Wow...RCCG pays the 1.5M needed for the Post Mortem of murdered female Abuja preacher...

It was revealed by her brother Apatha Emmanuel via Social Media. According to him, the Redeemed Christian Church of God has paid for the post mortem of his sister Eunice Elisha, who was murdered by unidentified fanatics while evangelizing in Abuja.

Omg..This Naija babe attends a party with her boobs out (see photos)

Ladies bare all nowadays and leave nothing to the imagination any longer. The photo of the Benin girl was taken last night, which left people sending posts on social media about the girl. See posts below..

Trouble in Ikorodu, Lagos, Residents flee their homes.. (photos)

The situation in parts of Ikorodu is very worrisome. Many residents of communities in the area have fled their homes for fear of being attacked by militants who have taken over some of the communities. 

Bukky Wright, Fathia Balogun, Attend The Burial Ceremony Of Lola Alao’s Father

imageLast Sunday, top Nollywood actress, Lola Alao held her father’s burial ceremony at The Lekki Coliseum event centre in Lagos.

Alleged Sexual Misconduct: Reps Summon 3 Accused Lawmakers, US Ambassador / Hullabaloo As Senate Threatens Buhari With Impeachment / And More…

Here are the top stories you missed this week

Alleged Sexual Misconduct: Reps Summon 3 Accused Lawmakers, US Ambassador

The United States’ Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, alongside the three Nigerian lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct, have been summoned by the House of Representatives joint committee on Ethics and Privileges and Foreign Affairs.

Omg... these Plus size ladies put their bums on display ...(photos)

They are eye candy ladies rocking South Africa to the fullest and their hot photos just surfaced online, taking social media frenzy to another level. They got it and her ready to flaunt them. They are very popular for their rear end anyway...See more photos...

Wizkid Is 26…. A Recap Of Starboy’s Rise To Stardom

Wizkid is a year older today and we are going down memory lane to look back on how he started and his achievements so far.
Born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on 16 July 1990, Starboy’s rise to stardom began after the release of his song, Holla at Your Boy on 2 January 2010, at the age of 20.
The song was off his debut studio album, Superstar released on 12 June 2011 under the Empire Mates Entertainment record label and it contained tracks such as Tease Me/Bad Guys, Don’t Dull, Gidi Girl, Love My Baby, Pakurumo and Oluwa Lo Ni.

Sacked Employees of Office of AGF Cry for Justice, say Sack Unjust

No fewer than 71 accounting Officers, employees of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF),who were recently disengaged by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), have petitioned, Alhaji Ahmed Idris, Accountant General of the Federation, (AGF) and Joan Ayo, Chairman the FCSC, over what they termed unjust termination of appointment.

Wow...Photos of the Breathtaking Venue Of Folorunso Alakija’s 65th Birthday Party...

One of the most influential woman and Billionaire in Nigeria, Folorunso Alakija is celebrating her 65th birthday today and here are photos from the decorated venue before guests started arriving. They feature beautiful flowers, life size photos, and the venue was decorated with gold and blue which is the colour of the day. More photos below...

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