26 May 2017

Top 10 Scariest Places in the World

 If you have been looking for some interesting alien landscapes on this planet earth, then let me tell you that some of the places are much more strangers and adventurous than any alien landscape. Check out the best 10 scariest places in the world. I am sure the adventure lovers will love to read and know about these places.

10. Pluckley, Kent

haunted village in England
Pluckley is often regarded as a haunted and scary village of Britain. It is situated close to Ashford in Kent. It is said that numerous ghosts keep on wandering the area during the night time. Even some of the people from nearby colonies have claimed that they hear the loud voice of

MOGBE OO: Pastor Who Preached ‘Integrity’ Caught Pants-Down With Married Woman: Cops

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Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons Sr. in a photo included in a press kit promoting his new book.

The church leader fled naked after the woman’s husband caught them in the act.
A married pastor in Florida who recently chastised the media for dishonesty was caught having sex with a married mom, according to a police report.
The Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons Sr., 36, ran naked from Claynisha Stephens’ Tallahassee apartment after her husband of seven years caught the two in bed together on Jan. 17, the police report said. The husband, Benjamin Stephens, chased after the pastor with a pistol, but police ― summoned by the wife ― found him first, hiding with no clothes behind a fence.

Fuji musician, Obesere builds multi million Naira mansion for his wife in Ibadan, Oyo state

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Image result for Fuji musician, Obesere and wifePopular Fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere, just completed a mansion for his wife in his hometown - Ibadan, Oyo state. Speaking to Encomium about the mansion which is said to be a "storey building with chalets" and has a "swimming pool and spacious car park", Obesere said;     “It’s true but the house doesn’t belong to me, that’s for my

See The Three Nigerians Jailed 235 Years In US For Financial Fraud

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Three Nigerian nationals, who were extradited from South Africa to the Southern District of Mississippi in July 2015, were sentenced to prison this week for their roles in a large-scale international fraud network.

Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco, Acting U.S. Attorney Harold Brittain of the Southern District of Mississippi and Special Agent in Charge Raymond R. Parmer Jr. of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New Orleans made the announcement.

Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, was sentenced to 95 years in prison. Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, was sentenced to 115 years in prison. Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After a three-week trial in early 2017, a federal jury found each defendant guilty of offenses involving mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud and theft of government property. Ayelotan and Raheem were also found guilty of conspiracies to commit bank fraud and money laundering.

A total of 21 defendants were charged in this case, 12 of whom have pleaded guilty to charges related to the conspiracy, and 11 of whom have been sentenced to date. One of the leaders of the conspiracy, Teslim Olarewaju Kiriji, 30, of Nigeria was previously sentenced to 20 years in prison. Six other defendants were previously sentenced to 10 years in prison each for their roles in this conspiracy: Adekunle Adefila, 41, of Nigeria; Anuoluwapo Segun Adegbemigun, 40, of Nigeria; Gabriel Oludare Adeniran, 30, of Nigeria; Olufemi Obaro Omoraka, 27, of Nigeria; Taofeeq Olamilekan Oyelade, 32, of Nigeria; and Olusegun Seyi Shonekan, 34, of Nigeria. Genoveva Farfan, 45, of California, was sentenced to 9 years in prison, and Rhulane Fionah Hlungwane, 26, of South Africa, to five years in prison for their roles in the conspiracy. Olutoyin Ogunlade, 41, of New York, was sentenced to four years in prison. Dennis Brian Ladden, 75, of Wisconsin was sentenced to time served and six months’ home confinement. Susan Anne Villeneuve, 61, of California, pleaded guilty earlier this month and is awaiting sentencing.

According to the plea agreements and evidence at trial, the defendants and their co-conspirators carried out numerous internet-based fraud schemes dating back at least to 2001. These schemes involved using unsuspecting victims to cash counterfeit checks and money orders, using stolen credit card numbers to purchase electronics and other merchandise and using stolen personal identification information to take over victims’ bank accounts. As a whole, the conspiracy involved tens of millions of dollars in intended losses.

To accomplish their fraud schemes, the conspirators recruited the assistance of U.S. citizens via “romance scams,” in which the perpetrator would typically use a false identity on a dating website to establish a romantic relationship with an unsuspecting victim. According to trial evidence and plea documents, once the perpetrator gained the victim’s trust and affection, the perpetrator would convince the victim to either send money or to help carry out fraud schemes. For example, the defendants admitted that they used romance victims to launder money via Western Union and MoneyGram, to re-package and re-ship fraudulently obtained merchandise and to cash counterfeit checks.

Music star, D'banj welcomes a baby boy with secret wife

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D'banj just shared the good news a few minutes ago on Instagram and he's named his son Daniel. 

Read the four reasons ladies hide their last seen on WhatsApp

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Whatsapp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It has helped to a very large extent in bridging the communication gap among friends and persons who are dating. This said you must have observed that many girls block their last seen on the messaging platform. Have you ever wondered why? Well, i share reasons why ladies block their last seen.

To prevent fights

This is perhaps the main reason why girls block their WhatsApp last seen. They want to prevent fights with their boyfriends who have become detectives and make all sorts of assumptions, which are usually incorrect, based on the last seen. Hence, they prefer to block it.

She may not be interested in chatting with you

If you are pestering her and she is not interested, she may block her last seen. Perhaps, if you do not know the last time she was online, you will give up and move on. If you continue messaging her, she will not respond.

To stop unnecessary questions

Why didn't you respond immediately? I saw you online. So, to prevent this and other types of questions, she prefers to block it. At least, if you do not see it, you won't question her.

She does not want you to know the last time she was online

Yes, some girls just do because they do not want you to see the last time they were online.

Wow! Veteran Actor, Oga Bello's Son Weds His Girlfriend

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One of the 18 children of Veteran actor, Adebayo Salami (aka Oga Bello) got married to his girlfriend in style. There were many actors/actresses in attendance. See some of the photos below...

Omg! Watch video of jealous wife stab her husband to death at his work place on live stream

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A horrifying video has been released showing the moment a jealous Latina woman went to her husband's workplace at a restaurant and stabbed him continuously until he died.

The man's colleagues stood by watching as the woman stabbed him while screaming at him in a foreign language.

According to reports, she suspected him of cheating and got jealous. The entire murder was livestreamed and it was really bloody. After the woman was done stabbing her husband and left, a woman was heard crying then rushed towards the man who was writhing on the floor in pain. It was obvious from the amount of blood splattered all over that he wouldn't make it.

See the graphic video ... HERE

Nigerian Couple Welcomes Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years

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A Virginia hospital says its staff has successfully delivered sextuplets and the three boys and three girls are thriving.

VCU Medical Center in Richmond announced the births in a statement Wednesday, saying they were the first sextuplets delivered at the hospital. The babies were born May 11 to parents who had tried to conceive for 17 years.

The statement says a 40-person team was involved and the delivery required hours of planning. Ajibola Taiwo, a native of Nigeria, gave birth via cesarean section.

Update! Suspected bomber, Salman Abedi called his mom hours before to say 'Forgive Me'

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New reports have emerged that says Salman Abedi, the suspected bomber that detonated an explosive killing 22 people in Manchester on Monday may have have called his mum hours before the attack.

A spokesman for an anti-terror force in Libya  Ahmed bin Salem confirms that he telephoned his mother hours before the attack and said, "Forgive me." 

Salman Abedi's mother and three of his siblings in Libya were summoned for questioning and the mother told interrogators that her son left Libya for England only four days before the bombing and called her on the same day of the attack. 

Bin Salem said: "He was giving farewell." Another sibling, 18-year-old brother Hashim, and Abedi's father were arrested in Tripoli on Wednesday.

Bin Salem said Libyan investigators think, based on what Hashim Abedi told them, "the bomber acted alone."He says the brother told them that Salman learned how to make explosives on the internet and wanted to "seek victory for the Islamic State."
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